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An ocean of tears

We complain about many things that happen in the world
When in fact is our fault for global warming on the Earth.
So much money the evil supremacy depletes
When there’s so many in Africa without any food to eat.
We don’t realize how lucky we are,
to have the five senses we received from God.
We have sight, to see the world around us
And the eyes of our soul to look inside and forever guide us
We have the ability to taste
Not only literally but we can taste a sweet day
We have the precious gift to hear
Like hearing the voice of the ones we hold dear
We have the sense of smell, to breathe in the air
Smell the air of emotions, even those that aren’t clear
And lastly we have the sense of touch
or feel with our hearts with no remorse
but we complain of this messed up world
were deaths and disasters are out of control
We got to get our essence together
no more vendettas against each other
So many are hungry for power
and go through life lying
but at the end of our road
what do we take after dying?
Appreciate the ones
Who have brought you light
Because the day of tomorrow
They might not be alive
My soul slits in two
every time I listen to
six year old suicide bomber
taking his life and others too.
When I hear in the news
that someone is dead
it brings my eyes to tears
and my heart to tiny shreds.
We don’t understand
that we only have one life
instead of wasting it with grudges
learn to live it right.
Let harmony go in your heart
and slowly, but surely
God will cure your scars.
Don’t step on others
to feel superior,
what do we get
from making others feel inferior?
I ask myself
Will you remember this advice?
Will you listen to my words?
And try to make the world all right?
Will everyone learn to survive in this place
And not judge each other by religion or race?
I have a DREAM
Where the inside is what matters
Where the color of skin
Is not an important matter.
We are all equal as living beings
We all have a beating heart
And dreams ready to spread their wings
If you have a dream
waiting to grow out of its seed
Let it bloom into a flower
Before it’s to late to be in grief.
I wish of a day were we put our hate away
And not letting revenge get its dreadful way
When that day comes
And we face our fears
That’s when the world doesn’t shed an ocean of tears.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
I guess this is a lil someting that came from the heart, sometimes we get caught up in so many things and troubles that ponder our minds that we forget life is short so enjoy it, and help those who are less fortunate. god bless.

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Hi, justtme,
Yes, sometimes it is easier to see the path others should take while we remain in an ocean of tears. May we learn to taste a sweet day.
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