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More than enough

we can never say
why somethings happen a certain way
we don't know why when there's a storm
the sky turns grey

so many young hearts stop beating
makes my soul twist and turn
because of so much bleeding

I try to focus
but get lost in the thoughs
of so many innocent humanity we lost

can't we do anything to stop it
can't we close the disaster faucet?
why can't we be superman
and turn back time
the future of young isn't to rot under land

I wish all young
would have a long life
for their hearts to reach hights
not to leave for heaven yet
because they still have so many goals waiting in the light

so many steps to take
so many dreams set

we wish we could have given more love
showed we are glad they were alive
because of the one above

but it's too late
I don't know why the good die young
only God knows how come

why do some people want to die
or hate their life!?
Why would you hate a gift from jesus christ!?

People say they apreciate every breath,
but they only truly value it
when someone meets death.

tears will slid
as caskets close
but we'll see and hug them again
it's not the end
because we're like a rose
God plants us and as the dice of our life gets rolled
different waters of life makes us grow

everyone has their time
don't take it for granted
enjoy life don't let anger inside you fire
don't worry about when you expire.

tears and depression, are rotting vile,
so when you think of those angels
know you love them and smile.

For the young who have spread their wings
with their halo,
I hear them sing
sing the truth behind life's theme
the topic,
the plot,
it's just to be happy with what you got.

look at the sun
the moon
the sky,
the sparkle in the eyes of those you love...
that's more than enough.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
Wrote this for two of my friends who passed away in highschool. r.i.p

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Hi, justtme,
We all live for the sparkle in the eyes of those you love. It is sad when that sparkle is extinguished. In celebration of their life and in sympathy for your loss.
That's very true. thank u
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