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I Am Akushla

I am Akushla the pulse of your heart

But you my Galaxy are the very blood that runs through my heart

I breath in your essence, your spirituality

I breath in your presence, your humanity

I breath in your compassion, you are Truthful

I breath in your kindness,
You are fruitful

I breath in your generosity, you are giving

I breath in your forgiveness, you are one of the living

I breath in your knowledge, I have learned so much

I breath in your tenderness, you have a healing touch

I breath in your patience, you are such fun

I breath in your desires, that is hotter than the sun

I breath in your Air, the one that you breath

For now my Galaxy, I am finally complete

I can finally breath

A sigh of relief

Thank you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
I'm grateful.......

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Comments (5)

You are,
Breathe me, my love,
O pulse of my heart

I love You
My word, girl, it's amazing what you have achieved at great distance, in a short space of time.heart beating
Thank you CJ......I believe I have achieved nothing except that I have learned to is through the Grace and the Blessing of the Spirit of Love that I believe in that has blessed me with my Twin Spiritual Twin.....he is a Gift to me.....and for that I am eternally grateful thumbs up
Beautifully romantic. applause
Thanks free yay wave
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