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The dog and the wolf

A howl is heard far off into the night, a bark is also heard as a response.
A human crosses their path.
How will they maneuver this creature who wants to separate them from each other?
Both are like each other, both will stand and fight but for different reasons.
Will peace ever show between them?

Then one night, the cry of the wolf is heard.
It`s not the cry of love, or longing, it`s the cry of defeat.
The dog heard this cry, and answered his sorrow. Will peace ever show between them?
The human hears this cry but doesn`t understand the meaning. The human still separates them.
Why? Because he`ll never understand the love they share.

Peace will come, but it`ll come too late for the wolf will cry his last cry and the dog will answer, but she will die with him for their love was too close to be separated from anyone, even the dogs` best friend.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
I wrote this in 8th grade while thinking about long distance relationships. I also had this published in a Youth Anthology and had another published the following year which I`ll put up tomorrow:)

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soquiliquay, a natural write of the wilds that we all come from, thank you. ;-)
Quite other worldly and unique.
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