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My "New" Car

I've hitched around all this past year.
Yeah I've been down, but have no fear.
Have found a car to call my own.
Bought it today, glad to the bone.

I've gotten rides from folks so nice,
But oh, to drive, is paradise.
Taken so long to get to here,
Now that I have, grin ear-to-ear.

Where should I go, now that I can?
Go shoot some pool? Go hear a band?
Or see a friend, who lives nearby?
No limits now, that I can fly.

The car is old, but in good shape,
And here and there needs some duct tape.
So fun to drive, just when I want.
Want to go with? Come, sit in front!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
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Comments (5)

Independence acquired by four wheels.
Congrats on the car and a good write!
what a cool write! we call it "gaffa tape"...
The car is old, but in good shape,
And here and there needs some duct tape.

Yeh! Is it a ford? Does duct tape work for older people, I wonder?
trurorobonline today!
Sounds like my new car in my poem, but hey it goes!! rock on FAL
Thanks cam!
Thanks Sophia, yeah we used to call it that workin backstage.
No Carol, it's a Toy-ota. Sure you can hold ya can tape up yer chins. lol
Thanks rob!
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