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a dreamer

He was a dreamer,
who dreamt of taking off one day.
He longed for love,
but he just got his heart crushed!
He was his own saviour,
He was his own rival.
He loved to trust,
but he bled well for that!
He walked his own road sweet nd comforting,
as it was felt by him and none other!

He had desires,wants and visions..
Which all needed fulfillment..
But every time he reached for the stars above,
He always stumbled far back to the earth!
He was not like any other,
he was unique and beyond logical reasoning!
He dreamed and desired things not of this world!
Not of man--not of god!
His tears were shared alone,
And his second face was the one the world saw of him!
Like the phoenix he was never seen to shed a tear!
But only the earth would know,
The cold pearls that fell from heaven above..
He tried to live his dream,but fell short!
He finally lay down to rest,
For another earthly sleep, awaiting yet another tomorrow.

And for when he awoke,
He could fly!
Far beyond the sunset,
Far beyond the misery,
He was invincible!Truly!
He couldn't be broken any more,
For he was sewed together,
With divine ropes which were bound from EREBUS!
All his dreams became his reality,
All his crazy disillusions were no more,
Because he was living it all with the fullness of his heart!
And finally he found out,
In his heart and soul,
that he would be appreciated...
Even if it was an invisible applause ..........he heard far away!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
dreams, desires ,cravings and even basic happiness etc... none can be attained in this life.. but for when those eye's close in eternal sleep, thats when you shall truly be free......

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Comments (5)

hear this applause fallenangel! nice write! ;-)
Sad,but amazing,kudos to you,brush away these sad thoughts and you can become a shining,risen angel.You have a lovely life live it well.thumbs up applause hug peace
applausei thought i was talking to myself,but,nah im reading yah doh very very nice thumbs up bouquet bouquet teddybear
thank you everyone.
well, life isn't very brilliant. just sad and pathetic.
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by Unknown
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