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My heart thumps and i feel my end is near!
My life flashes before my eyes,
like a mirror to my reflection!
I've lost everything..
My mind, my soul,even my heart!

I was at fault,for her loss,
And to me ,i'll never forgive myself for that!
My soul is caving in ,
I have no where to run..
But to hold onto the cherished memories,
Which as well is under... its self destruction!

My bane my sorrow,
for me to carry ..
For none but me was responsible !
My loss might be, but a mere nothing to others !
To me ,a part of my being has split away,
and smashed into fragments !
That cant be put together again !

My life my path
and this is my burden
to carry till death !
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
~a moment of emotion~

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fallenangel7191: your sorrow is palpable. you may hate life now, but if you press on, persevere, you will find there is much of life that is fulfilling and joyful. Work and walk through the darkness, turn on a light and step up to a good life. ;-)
Wonderful advice by GG,guess he understands youth well.Take his advice seriously;learn to soar from the ashes like the legendary Phoenix.Keep pouring out it helps.God bless you.hug teddybear comfort
thank you once again.. But its just extremely hard to even take a step ahead.
I see light! You have done that which many still cannot do, you have accepted responsibility. We are all responsible for the events in our lives, karma to be balanced, lessons to learn; yet we persist on blaming everyone else or God. The fact you have seen this means you are on your way out of the dark. It is common to have a dark night of the soul when this is happening and it is very frightening. You have not lost everything at all, just part of your ego I suspect.You often have to 'empty out'to make room for what is real. You will be fine, trust me.
You will have to forgive yourself though, hard.
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