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The Possum Motel Part 1 Check in Time

In early morning Of November past,
An urge of hunger disturbed
My movie watching.
Pulling myself from computer,
I headed for my kitchen, for
Peanut butter on cheap white bread.

Beneath my bathroom door there seeped
A light, in negligence, I forgot to
Turn off.
Not opening the door all the way,
I stuck my arm to extinguish the light.

I felt something, no, more likely sensed,
A small furry creature scurry slide past my foot.
I thought I saw a gray tail slither
Under the door of the spare bedroom.
In this room, at the time,
Were childhood toys of my
Twin daugthers. Stuffed animals
Being the bulk of unwanted things
I could not part with.

I opened the door to find the intruder,
Seeing nothing, I came to the the
Conclusion my imagination bested me.
I closed the door and scratched my head,
Could I have more tired than I thought?

Opening the door again, I gave another look.
Again seeing nothing out of the norm,
I closed it once more.
Then it struck me;
Rabbits bears, even a squirell or two,
I acquired for my now grown daughters,
But NEVER a possum!
Sitting on a bookcase , three shelves up,
Just staring at me, not even a twitch,
To indicate it was real, set a baby possum.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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Comments (4)

Lol....perhaps he was lonely and needed the company of the other 'stuffed' animals. Don't tell me he falls in love with the giraffe laugh
Where are you telling me I need to get the popcorn ready lol Where is Gash. Bring it on Cam
rolling on the floor laughing Santa came early???? loved it banana
This is brilliant. Glad I went looking back.

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