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My Pain

I spent an eternity giving.
I spent a life time sacrificing.
I gave my all, again and again.
And finally when I grew weak, who came?
No one to lift me off the ground , no one to tell me its gonna be alright.
Just me once more… alone.

I made the world smile, yet I cried alone.
I gave them wings and made them fly on high.
And I’m just broken and left for dead.
Insanity beckons me. Offers me a warm embrace.
And on the other hand the edge, waiting for me to take the plunge.
I bleed , I burn. Yet all alone I stand.
The goodness of this world has died!
Its been replaced with hypocrites!

How can the tongue utter words which the heart doesn’t truly mean?
Is it so simple to look into another’s eye and lie blind?
No, I’d rather be dead than be one of them!
For all my pain, for every tear lost,
They shall all receive their dues.
I shall receive my pedestal in the world of another……
i believe.........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
~ a deep feeling within me~

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Hi, fallenangel7191,
How can the tongue utter words which the heart doesn’t truly mean? Communication is such a complex process. Words said, words heard, words not said, silences heard and felt...through it all, we learn and, hopefully, grow.
There are many to love you but you are blinded by a false love that is there for only material gain.Try to come to terms with your inner self and take up life as a challenge.You are too young to be feeling so much bitterness,we have all been there but were forced to pull ourselves together and get on.God be with you.angel peace teddybear comfort
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