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Death Call

The star that shown so bright,
The little heavenly dew drop that made others path’s bright,
Will finally fade into darkness.
Before his hour clock began,
Its already running out.
Never to shine no more, never to bring a smile to those who he loved.
Never to descend again and protect,
Never to guide along the road of life.

As the sands run out,
He cant help but think, will I be remembered?
Be remembered for all the good I did?
For all the lives I’ve changed?
For all the sacrifices made?
Will I be remembered?
O will I just be hated for my few mistakes?

I start to fall apart.
My body weakens.
As I draw my final breath.
For all the love I gave, for all the nights I stood by them,
Will they love me? Once I’m no more?
He feels his spirit drain,
The cold embraces him tightly.
One last look down at his precious angel….
And he knew, that he would atleast be remembered by her..
And for in her, his whole world lay…
But now her life begins. Without the little star to guide and protect her.
never more to awake, to the words ,you are my world and I love you.

This was his death call….his final journey had begun.
And slowly he just faded into the night.
Never to shine no more……
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
can u possibly tell me what i feel?

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Hi, fallenangel7191,
The reader looks to the poet for answers and questions and, occasionally, The little heavenly dew drop that made others path’s bright. May the poet's light keep shining.
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