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allihie mountain

climbing with the wind whipping my face
and thorns sticking into my hands
climbing a mountion by the sea side
i found quite a challenge
or a thorn in my backside

turned around and not only was the sea
in my line of sight but the whole little
area of Allihie was to be seen within my eyes

i could see the the whole little valley
with the fields and hills and a small town to which i passed
to which i just had to look down to see an old copper mine
to see to treasure the sight is one for me to remember

its times like this i wish i could experiance everyday
but savouring the momment will be with me til my dying day
to hear the wind and to see the sight was one i will never forget

(there is now a video of what i was doing on this mountain to which made me to making this poem)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
a poem i wrote to share my experiance

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