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All the days gone by
Makes me want to cry..

I think back at times
I'd listen to the soft chimes..

The wind had blown
My children were grown..

Time passed on
Days were gone..

My hair grayed
Life had frayed..

The yard had rough edges
With over grown hedges..

Happy times though
Will come and go..

Love is still here
I can feel it near..

With many warm looks
And well written books..

Always loved what I do
Even if my time flew..

Pages of my life have been turned
As well as many candles burned..

I'd rewrite my days
Never changing any of the ways..

All the warm smiles
Across the miles..

And given the chance
I'd take the same old dance..

~Author Elina Rawlins~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
We all see the passing of the days.. and as we get older those day go by faster. We need to be happy within our selves. So we can look back an smile. Saying "Time well spent..."

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Comments (5)

Bravo, Enjoyable and informative, Good for you
Time well spent indeed Gypsygurl..from one mother to another.
Loved your write handshake angel
May you have endless candles in your days ahead. wave
the light house of memory, throws its beam on yesterday, and if we can smile, it is a flicker of happiness, recalled, lovely poem gypsugurl.
such a beautiful poem and so many true phrases....
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by Unknown
on Aug 2010
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