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Running away …. Running away!!!
That’s all I’ve been doing!!
You promised me so much,
But it all just burst into flames.
Like my burning soul , I cry out in sorrow!
Destroy me, let me rest.
Don’t let each day bring more suffering.
I’ve always stood by you!!
Loved you complete and to the edge,
And in the end you just tipped me over!
I’m falling, the darkness is welcoming.
The pain turns to needles driving their way through my head!!!!
Help me……
And a small empty voice answers,
“you don’t need it.. your broken, empty, and you have been dead before you got here”
“ now just let go “
My soul seems to float away,
My very existence is erased…
I’m pleased now, the hell was my earth… and the real life… is my second journey….
With opened arms I will embrace you.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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fallenangel7191, suffering is a part of life, just as joy is. I don't know why, just is. this poem says much about you and what you have felt to this point in your life. there is much more to come, both joy and sorrow. write more and you will see yourself in your words. well done. ;-]
i appreciate the kind words...thank you
Yes,this life does not comprise of only one aspect of life,there has to be joy & sorrow,but just as we accept the joy and move on we should accept pain too and overcome it.Wallowing in that morass will not help,I've learned how it bogs one from moving.Learn to take the good with the bad,do not let depressing situations beat you into submission.Be strong, you have taken birth as a man,and he has to be strong to face the winds of adversity.Only you can be the master of your life,you are too young to allow these things to mar your life.Focus on your future and all will fall into place.May God guide in the right path.comfort peace teddybear
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