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Three word inadequacy

When I tell you that I love you,
Can you know just how I feel?
Would three words only let you know
The deep emotions I reveal?

Would they tell of my respect for you
Would your beauty be proclaimed?
Would they speak of admiration, too?
And so much more I've not yet named?

Would you know the lengths to which I'd go
Just so that I might hold your hand?
And without hesitation do
What situations would demand?

I think that it would be too much
To believe that three words could convey
How I feel, just as such
So here's what I must say.

My feelings every moment grow
With love proportions so immense
Passion powerfully burning so;
A supernova's less intense.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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Comments (8)

Words, as powerful as they... are sometimes not enough!beer
Very stirring! Sometimes, yes the words just aren't enoughbouquet
Passion suits your writing.
Words can render the ordinary extraordinary but not the other way around.
Well written rhyme! And well conveyed feelings beer
Loved this thyming verse of love, do I sense something here gardenshackle??? lot of it about of late. teddybear
sounds like you are in ... you know?
bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet
Lovely gh....very romantic.....words are inadequate in moments like these.....I guess this is where the bedroom comes in handy?rolling on the floor laughing

TP4G cheers
i agree with lady bee-you must be in (the L word!!) lovely written poem.heart wings kiss
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