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digital brain

this digital brain
done gone insane
can't get no clarity,
lost all it's parity
can't see straight,
a vision second-rate
oh a digital brain,
can't take the strain

this CPU clock
done gone into shock
lost all sense of time,
a second-hand crime
it just can't recall,
memories on stall
this digital brain,
a mental block again

this digital brain,
it's hard to explain
just why it can't work,
feel like a jerk
know you're waiting,
it's schizophrenic debating
this digital brain,
cracked electronic cocaine

this digital brain,
awareness hard to attain
chaotic thoughts run free,
drop bits of debris
can't get a clear sense,
get no recompense
this digital brain,
a computational bane

this digital brain,
broke links of thought chain
it'd think outside the box,
but for synaptic locks
can't even recollect,
not thinking circumspect
this digital brain,
fires impulses inane

this digital brain,
just a clogged bus vein
electronic statins ineffective,
incurable objective
humming a loud buzzing tune,
it's thinking it's immune
this digital brain,
a thought not germane

so little to gain
from this digital brain
plan B seems foreordained,
plan A unexplained
don't know what will be next,
actions perplexed
try as it may to retain,
just no thunk in this digital brain

© agoodguy2have 2010-08-13
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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Comments (8)

liked the subject..well written and thought provoking..maybe analogue should return.
Amazing write, fella. Hope your thought devise generator fires off many more random writes.
Do buses have veins?wow cool
Hi, agoodguy2have,
just no thunk in this digital, are you not computing, not wrapping or not checking on compatibility or all of the above? Situation could be serious!
Genious GoodGuy, very enjoyable to read
just, only, terrific goodguy! and we need not mention all that whirring tinitus sending my head off to the other side....and then sadly finding little there...oh well...'haps twould be best never to think too hard...
enjoyed your digital thunk, No boring thinking here thenlaugh
Did my organic brain go astray and read that your digital brain to the same? Fun read... thanks GG!
An enjoyable read and a fitting commentary on modern mentality.
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