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~Little Pinky~

One would never know
How important is the little toe..

It’s a dinky
Little pinky…

He'd be the last to meet
There upon the feet…

At the end of the row
But still counted as a toe…

He sets in the shoe so tight
Usually never sees the light..

So looking at your toes remember to count
The right amount..

Because without the last little porky
Your feet would look rather dorky…

Gives you balance on your feet
So you can stand when two meet..

So now you know
The Importance of the little toe…

~Author Elina Rawlins~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
The reasoning of the little pinky...:O)

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Comments (3)

I'm 'toed' off! You made me smile!!
Thank you E!!laugh
smile ;-)
Now there's an unusual twist for a romantic poem... "Gives you balance on your feet, So you can stand when two meet.." ...So much for 'falling' in love! I've been looking for the wrong expereince all this time! Thanks Ellie... cute application of the 'Pinky'.
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