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Ugly One

Hey ugly one I've got something to say to you
I really, honestly, simply don't like you

You judge others because you think your the best
When in fact your much more disgusting then the rest

You look down on others in arrogance
And this is where I put my foot down and take my stance

Against people like you who think they're "it"
When in fact your nothing but a piece of shit

Bitterness rules your world of shallowness
You are weak and totally powerless

You despise those that are genuine and honest
Because you think nobody is better than you
This is where your weakness shows and you will end up despised for the evil that you spew

Justice will be done in this world full of hate
And even for you it is never ever too late

To change your ways and step of your throne
To Walk in the Light instead of scavenging for bones

To pick of other people, the ones that are vulnerable and weak to feed them your lies and deceit

I do not hate you for that is not my way
And though I don't like you, for you I will continue to pray

And watch you squirm

Like the worm that you are
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
For all the shallow, judgemental, arrogant and spiteful people.........I don't hate them but I don't have to like them either....nor accept the nasty things they do or say....

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Comments (7)

Thankyou TP, one of the reasons I love our little corner, it is a safe haven against some like those you
Ladybee42online today!
ugliness in people always comes through some how..
thumbs up thumbs up bouquet bouquet hug
Yep true....thumbs up.....nevertheless they do and will pop up even in here.....

So true can be hidden but ugliness will ALWAYS be revealed for what it truly is.......fact! yay

Yep, I agree with you, though I can say from experience, from the long time I have been here, that they have a habit of not lasting very long here,
"against people like you who think they're it, when in fact you're nothing but a piece of shit" i love it!!! your writings continue to inspire me. tahnk you TP. xxxteddybear
Yes Sir Andrew.......I sense it tho am still a newbie thumbs up

Maybbaby laugh sometimes it's gotta be said in a rotten and truthful way wave

Some of these ugly ones are also stupid!

G4TPlips lips

go get 'em girl - i'm with You!
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