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Beautiful One Part Two

I see beauty in minor things
In silence, in humbleness, the gentleness it brings

I see beauty in a smile, wrinkles in the corners of your eyes
When something funny makes you smile, a smile that doesn't make you cry

Yet tears are beautiful too
Because in each teardrop you shed it's a history of you

I see beauty in joyful laughter
Heck, lifes too short for constant pain and slaughter

I see beauty in kind words that bring healing
Giving others hope and full of meaning

I see beauty in the love you have for others
the love you give for all, and treat them like your sister or brother

So what is beauty on the internet?
Its the same as in the real world, where all of us fret

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
This is how I see real life and on the internet...

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Comments (6)

Gorgeous write.

I especially love this verse "Yet tears are beautiful too
Because in each teardrop you shed it's a history of you" ... that is such a precious way of seeing.

Great job wine
It's my favourite too beautifulyou, in each teardrop we shed there's a history......always....tears are a combination of many emotions, experiences and memories.....hence the importance of crying peace

Hi, tinypixie,
It is nice to recognize beauty all around and within. Thank you for sharing.
Theres nothing like the shedding & release of hitory Akushla.

G4TPhandshake teddybear
I love your poem,so true,in everything there is beauty,like the smile on an old wrinkled, grimy,ravaged with years of sorrow face,A blossom growing in the garbage.Its how one looks at things.Beauty is only skin deep,it fades but the beauty of the soul remains.Thank you sweetie for these lovely thoughts.thumbs up angel angel hug hug bouquet
Thanks gnwave

Yes my Galaxy....every tear drop is precious.....especially yourslips

Thanks you said....true beauty cannot be masked......hugangel

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