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If wishes were horses
I want to be that fool
to ride on them
if the horses take me to you

If love is blind
i would love to be one forever
as I know your love is my light

If the wait for you is worth the gold
I would give away all those glitters
just see your smiling face

If love is sweet poison
I would gulp it all
as I become immortal
for the love we share

If I were to be that frog
for that princess to kiss
I would spend my life time
in this smelly well
for that moment to arrive

If they put me on stake
for loving you crazy
I would sublime to a thin smoke
with smile in my lips
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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Comments (1)

VERY expressive... well thought out phrases for stating your emotions of desire and commitment to and for the one that makes your heart beat healthy.
Thanks for sharing this one! (Welcome to the well of abundant frog legs!) :-)
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