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Tertiary Colors

Have you ever stopped to
notice when mixing colors
what miracles are performed?

How it is possible for
red and green to produce brown
while red and blue, a purple hue.

What is it that prompts one to
create one pair versus another
when either pair will do?

Reds and blues, full of surprises.
Caution’s yellow, a more predictable blend,
easier for the eye to understand when seen.

Life perspectives, achromatic colors
whites, blacks and grays
rights, wrongs and somewhere-in-between.

To lighten in value, white is added
to darken, black
enhancing the original hue.

the difference being a tint versus shade
with value riding in the balance
bright or dull, intensity bound.

Amazingly, it takes a lot of white
to make a noticeable difference
but, of black, only a drop or two.

Life goes round and round
like the color wheel
somewhere in the mix, our colors found.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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Comments (11)

So true this verse is great, colour changes out moods too, So I always have a red, and pale blue at handteddybear
GNJ: you paint with words! let the color wheel of life turn on!
I so love playing with colors (paints) thanks for bringing out my thoughts on it!bouquet
These thoughts are beautiful... this write is a mosaic.

Ty flower
Hi, Redex, agoodguy2have, amahalala, and beautifulyou,
Poet's Corner itself is a mosaic of many colors and I am happy to be a part of it with you as we paint our ways into the future, mixing as we can. Thank you so much for sharing your reactions to my poem. Color me happy! (Redex, would that be red or pale blue?)
gnj, Chiming in with the rest, great write! Very thought provoking. Also wanted to mention that once, while trying to darken a pastel purple, I mixed in the tiniest drop of black. Turned it all to a uniform gray! Anyway, loved the poem. wine
Always creating your own unique blend....excellent poem my friend!wine
I loved it. I paint and often just have the basic colors there and mix to get the different colors. Don't know why or when I picked that habit up. But while reading your poem I saw so well where it applied to life. The gentle mixing of the colors to get another color. bouquet
This is simply delightful, wise and beautiful. Thanks, CJ.
Well, you already know my thoughts about this one! I'm glad you've shared it with the crew! Thanks! I knew it would be a hit!
Loved even more after reading it yet again!! wink
HI, freeatlast64847, jazzy75, happygolucky4u, caroljoyce, and swade777,
Thank you for your kind comments. Your presence in the Poet's Corner adds such lovely colors to our world, with value riding in the balance.
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