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So Small

Setting in that old cafe
Drinkin' my last cup
As im ready to go
I saw you lookin' at me
I gotta hurry up
But My eyes are freezed

So Small
This world is So Small
Seein' you right here ..
After All These years
I smiled ..
I even said .. Hi
And you Replied ..

How Small..
This world is so small
Here we witnessed our love for the first time
Here we used to belong
And here im seein' you after so long ..
Yes We grow gray hair
But we still the same
Somehow .. you remind me of me ..
How Small this world could be ..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
Two old lovers ..That met again ..after so long ..
But this love ..was never gone !!

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Comments (7)

indeed, it is a small world...and connections made sometimes never fade. nice work! wine
Thanx Gashly ..Nice of you ..Glad you liked it
Take care

wow i think your getting better and better with each poem love it my friend allah bless you
Ahhh John ..Thanx my dear and i hope that's true teddybear
Allah Bless u too

nice poem swan
thumbs up bouquet bouquet
Hi, Swan87,
Love that lingers after parting is a strong connection, indeed, and can be either a delight, or not, in This world is so small. Thank you for sharing. Hope you had a nice vacation!
Ladybee42 hug Thanx alot my dear friend

Hey gnj4u glad to see you here again , hope your doin' just great ..and yeah ..had lot of fun during this vecation ..
thanks alot ..your're so kind teddybear teddybear

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