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"A Beautiful Twist"

Whats the drama?
Can there not just be Karma

With all the kicking and back
where can I see
what is the fact

If am alone can
I just be

or does it happen
that a mere few see

I don't care
don't give a f*ck

Give me the opportunity
I may just suck..........

I see whats around
see how it is

hear me........heard

no matter how insanely it is absurb

Grasp reality
swoop in on life

Good god
strip me of
my strife.....

lay it out
I'm no spout

I only
came to lay at rest

nothing will now be of

Life is beautiful

Oh there you are!
under the waterfall

wanting eyes, to never stall
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
I was feeling quite mellow (Thats oKay). a bit all over the place to night, sorry.. But I'm trying to feel feeling better..x SS

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Comments (6)

Ladybee42online today!
mellow is not so bad..
thumbs up bouquet bouquet
Love your writing, can go along with you on this one, but it passesteddybear Hope it has for you nowhug
I see your feeling mellow and blue
May the the Spirit of Love, Sophia, now bless you hugbouquet

sophia: you say so yourself "life is beautiful" blue and all it's other colors too. ;-)
I agree x, a reflection back is not so bad at times

I thank you x, the passing was fleeting, however raw it sat

Beautiful T.P I treasure your blessing, thank you from my heartbouquet

Precious Dave
Your smiling face, your words of encouragement always lift me x

To All smile has come back to rest..
When the mood strikes... write it! And so you did. Shooting from the hip, as usual you hit the mark Sophia. wine
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