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The cruel, keen wind ceased,
The cold, iron grip on me seemed released,
“Take my arm, would that you should walk with me awhile,
And if the fancy takes me, then perhaps I may talk awhile“.
He wasn’t there before,
I had felt a draft, like the opening and closing of a door,
I couldn’t see his face,
Was it the shadows of the mist or this strange place?
We could have walked for a long time,
Though truly, it could equally have been a short time,
And he did speak after some while,
I knew somehow his truth, no deceit or guile,
Only a sentence or two, or, it could have been a book,
Persuaded me to see myself, take a long, hard look,
“Many”, he said, “Say I am illogical,
Not at all my friend, I am optimistic, metaphorical.
If you stay, you’ll have a feeling of belonging,
No more wanting or longing,
You will build a home,
Never again be alone,
On the other hand if you leave,
Only yourself will you deceive,
I have shown you all you will miss,
A whole life summed up by a long, loving, lingering kiss”.
I can’t seem to remember, when he came or when he left,
His leaving though, left me feeling somehow bereft,
His final words to me, as he faded and we drifted apart,
“I hope you have heard me, for I truly am your heart“.
Then, once again, the keen wind, chill to the bone,
Feeling of being even more alone,
Again, walking the blurred line drawn in the shifting sand,
Again……A stranger in a strange land.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
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Comments (12)

Ah! The messages are subtle...and can be heard if you dare. The heart knows things the brain cannot. Wonderful sequel to part 1 Andrew!teddybear
Thankyou Jazzy, I am pleased you enjoyed it, will post the next part
I think this is quite stunning, I could really feel it; it is empathetic yet a little chilling. Hey, that kiss sounds way good though. I like this poetry/prose style, it is easy on the reader.
CJ xxcomfort
The poem, though wonderfully written, (as always Andrew), has made feel both sad and terribly hurt for some odd reason but so creative.bouquet
Thankyou CJ, I am pleased that this has struck a
Thankyou Ama, Hope the poem hasn't affected you too much, it is just about the conflict between heart and head in making a big decision.....Andrew.....xxxangel
All so true Andrew, and the last line have felt many times. Very good read thankyoucheers
Thankyou Redex, very pleased you enjoyed
Heart v head.. which is the stronger..Which will win, peace of mind,or a light and happy heart..
Very good indeed Andrew thumbs up

Ljj cool angel
Thankyou Ladyjj, Ah.....we shall just have to wait and
Hi, andrew149,
When the heart leaves, Then, once again, the keen wind, chill to the bone.
Thankyou gnj4u....pleased you liked it....Andrew...xxxcool
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