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Manifest Perfection

The rainbow is manifest perfection,
Beautiful color arching in the sky.
An elusive image of light refraction.
Existing in the beholder's eye.

In perception it will come and go
You blink and see it, then no more.
Perspective change and it won't show;
A fleeting thing that can't endure.

While I may see it, you might not,
For our perspectives are unique.
And how in life you view your lot
Decides if you find what you seek.

Perfection is but an ideal
Not possible for you or me
Unless we see that what is real
Is being what we're supposed to be.

Clouds and rain and broken light;
An atmosphere that's shattered,
We view as perfect in our sight
Not ruined, trashed or battered.

So why must it be hard to see
When we view ourselves and others,
from our judgment letting them be free;
Our perfect friends and lovers?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
Your perfection is in being who you are and what you are. The truer you are to your nature, the more perfect you become whether others can see that or not.

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Comments (5)

Wise words to live by gardenhackle! It's all in what we choose to believecheers
We are all a little spark of the divine and happiness is our true birthright; beautifully written.
Clouds and rain and broken light;
An atmosphere that's shattered,

wow! i see this every day and it's a write GH

bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet
An inspiring write!

It reminds me of a book called "The Spirituality of Imperfection."

Nice job gh thumbs up
Yep indeed ghhughug

Be true to yourself

Loved the way you penned this.....

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