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The Lost One

You can be close to people in inches,
but miles away in heart.
Spend seeming lifetimes,
to move further
and further apart.

Or far away in miles,
ever so near in heart.
and lifetimes getting nearer,
to the lost one,
the other half.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
Musing on the illusion of distance...

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Comments (11)

it is an illusion of sorts, we are lucky to live in a time when it's less of a barrier.
thumbs up bouquet bouquet
To PT and G15:
'When one half of the other meets with his actual other half, the actual other half of himself, they are lost in amazement, love, friendship and intimacy, and will not out of each other's site for even a moment.'

By Plato.

Love CJ
Not 'be out' sorry !
a typical, radar emotion, of unfulfilled love, well spoken.

Love & light to you Ladybee & CJteddybear angel
your comments are always 'illuminating'...

G4TPwave angel
Now this one I understand... Cheers to you and TP! beer wine
thanx CJ

The Twin Flame phenomena is hard to explain to people. Yet has been around for a long time...
And as you have written, it is exactly the way I feel about Tinypixie.lipslips

wave angel
cheers freeatlast
thanx for the congrats.

I'm a complex guy - what can I say dunno

Oui ma cherie near and yet so far....and like Cj explained....this is exactly how I feel about you too.
Plato was a wise guypeace

Together forever though
We're apart
Maybe in distance, but never in heart smitten

TP4G4EVA lipslipslips
Simply beautiful...

"and lifetimes getting nearer,
to the lost one,
the other half."

Your words remind me of a video called "Twin Souls: WHEN LOVE INCARNATES" put out by Humanity Healing

Love and Light to both of you! wine
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