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Goin Back

Once i heard a thoughtful song
its theme was goin back
cut by dusty springfield
a fairly well known track

oliva song of country roads
gave her much success
helen shapiro got a hit
in walking to happiness

yesterday when i was young
windmills of my mind
tom jones was coming home
to a place he left behind

going through the scrapbook
of the pages of your time
paper roses, empty cups
and boxes left behind

penny lane a memory lane
walk me once again
love came out in sunshine
and left in pouring rain

memories just like a quilt
with coloured patterns lay
take me back country roads
amongst the new mown hay

dreamers only ever dream
of better days thats true
but in the realm of memories
is where i m walking too
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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Comments (7)

Happygolucky4uonline today!
I loved it. Brought back memories.It was like a lovely trail of words bouquet
applause Wow this was wonderful, loved yesterday when I was youngpeace I bet you had fun compiling this one. Certainly had fun reading teddybear
thanks for your comments ladies..appreciate it..
Hi, serpico12,
Thank you for going through the scrapbook with us. Lovely quilt!
Enjoyed this! A really nice walk through the songs- though my favorite stanzas are the 4th & the last(between the both, they only mention 1 song laugh , but there's great writing in them!) wine
hi gn..thank you for viewing the poem and for your kind comments that you give..appreciated
hey scatlyn thanks for viewing the poem and pushing it into public view again..noted your stanza favourites..glad you liked them, you are so helpful and thoughtful in your comments, as well as giving really nice feedback..thanks
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