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weeping willow

In the time of jane austen
grew love and sharp fashions
letters to lovers
and women gathered
beneath the willow tree

Young women sat that day
pouring out the emotions
heart written on a page
flowered with devotion
until the dawn of spring

The branches that gave shelter
read her words that day
the love had gone to someone else
those words began to say
my darling please forgive me

And maybe that is how
the tree she got that name
when love once blazing
just slipped out of sight
as the willow was weeping each night
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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Comments (6)

sepico, what a charming story of botanical tears! well said, well read. ;-)
Wonderful, lovely story hug purple heart... and have always loved weeping willow trees teddybear
hi goodguy and thanks a lot for the comments and liking the poem..late replying..
hey scatlyn..why thank you..glad you liked the poem and its so kind of you to view and reply to my work...helps it get pushed back up..wave
"The branches that gave shelter
read her words that day..."

and, thus, the willow weeps..

I love that imagery and conjecture.

Just gorgeous Serpico ~

hi beautifulyou..and thank you for the comments and liking the poem, appreciate your viewing..
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