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Paloma making a difference to us all

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Paloma you have left me speechless
with words that made a diifrence
I will always remember you wisdom you have shared with all of us
truly I will keep your poem and always remember you
There’s so many beautiful people in this world
But my beautiful friend you truly made
A difference to my life and to lives of us all
Thank you and bless you always
With love
Daniel Fiona
Angels of Cape Cornwall
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
Dedicated to Paloma a lady that went beyond her call of duty
And made me so proud of the person i am and gave me hope
In my search to find my angel bless you with love

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Comments (7)

Indeed so, Daniel.
Thank You my Angel of Cornwall,I feel I do not deserve so much just trying to be a good human,its just little old me,I know what is pain ,so I try to comfort other's.God bless you my dear,Daniel,Pray all will be well and like the Phoenix you will rise from the ashes of your life.May the Lord bless thee & keep thee,may the Lord make His face shine upon thee and give you Peace & send you your angel.Lots of love to you and Fiona.peace hug bouquet
Indeed she is a wonderful ladyyay

Blessings to you and your Angel Daniel peace

I do think Paloma has been sent by God..she is a beautifull person and woman and friend. ..God be with you both..and , ALL..JG..waveteddybear rose angel2 thanks group hug
A lovely tribute for a very special Soul.

Ty for acknowledging what is surely so...

A lovely Tribute to Paloma Daniel
The lady is indeed a very special person..and we gain so much by her presence and wisdom. Thank you for posting hug

Blessings to you and Fiona.

Ljj angel
Thank you,my beautifulyou,So nice of you.angel hug
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