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Butterfly Influence

Among the land of butterflies
they fly around my feet
colors bold and vibrant
eyes beholding beauty.

Their wings of silk flap slowly by.

The sound you hear
when their wings flap
is the same as when a soap bubble lands
then pops.

The butterflies are untouchable and yet...
I know you want to touch them.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
I didn`t jot down the date on this one, but I was at friends house and was outside watching butterflies fly around her yard and couldn`t help but be intrigued by the fact that no one can touch them, so even as a seemingly frail being, they hold a lot of power as well. Makes me think of myself in that light too.

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Comments (3)

Hi, soquiliquay,
It is nice to recognize strengths within ourselves. Butterflies are so beautiful and important to life and probably enjoy being touched by another butterfly.
soquiliquay: your butterfly effect, though by appearances minute, can have a profound impact. thanks for touching us.
The old ones told us, that butterflies, were angels learning to fly.
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