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woman in white

Carriage and horses
pulled into the courtyard
he looked out the window
as midnight approached
nobody stirred
no sign of the driver
when he down
no body was there
out in the misty moor
lights were a shinning
he got a horse
and rode into the night
suddenly he saw
a woman approach him
dressed in white
he dismounted to see
but his feet slipped
hitting the ground
next he awoke
back in the bedroom
of the inn
he had left that night
but when he explained
to those sat around him
there was no coach
nor lights in the night
suddenly enter
a woman in white
she was his nurse
days ago he was
taken by fever
she was the woman
his fever had seen
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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Love the story, love the writing... brings old-time places & images to mind. purple heart
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