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the Casino of the poker table

The play ground is the slot machines around me and the numbers are the. game to the night and the hole day is wasting every dolor bill in yours soaked in. it burns the time in the habits its taken me over to the Casino. adult playing for fun blush out the. 10.J.Q.K.A of spades and make a royal flush out of your hand and chose wisely what happens in the next round. its a focus in the eye of the cards that they through at you. tricky it is and chips stack in your surroundings leaves it level with the poker table. on nervousness look around and see what every one else is doing. in the the Casino of the poker table and make your draw in the letters and the numbers. are with in the card it self flip it over and make it happen. win the game of the poker game with in the table. cant lose it in my hand of the games live lost before in my past. it drives me in a deep hole of the cards soak. in the addiction cant take it away it loves the game of a legal number. 21 age fits the standers in the game of Strategy in the brain power puts out the smart one. on gambling game but cant leave it drives you crazy and I’m addicted to it. cant leave it just pushes you back in the game lose it.all over again in a Recycling way of repeating all over and over and in a headache way. scene it and reply it and it takes over in a flick of a switch. quick and fast reacting in the hand and pick your mark on the battle field of war. of competing with a computation stakes are high and your mine. focus in the eye your the king of the castle and take over the Casino. and wind up the excitement in the crowd around you. roll with the flow and make it happen twice or have it now. on stand by and watch your self. don't get tricked in the trap just be your self. on an anxiety attack shivering shaking play out the thoughts and rights locked on me. make your move towards life i play forever in the thing im good at playing in the Casino of my own table that's my life. its all happening so fast my eyes are bleary tiredness is kicking in. drink more of your alcohol it was for free if you play the game. its included with the money you spend. ridiculously stupid and its a little crazy when you take it out of the ATM staking up like a building rolling over and. stuck in your pockets are big and baggy is the key in a big a** hole. show me it all disappear vanish fast and quick like dust was blown away . in like money ripped up in small pieces fly float like paper in how it was. drawn to you and given to you like the Casino of the poker table. it makes me rich but with in the seconds kick it out and lose it all over again in the Casino of the poker table..........................
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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