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Soundless Wolf

See the eyes that look at you in question as you speak
The ears perk up, and lay to the side
Tail hung limp, for it can`t feel excitement
A tense body always ready to move when you move
The nose, the best feature of senses for it can smell anything for miles
and miles away and know somehow just how to react
Feel the soft tongue caressing your skin in jerky movements at first
then smoother
then completely smooth
Turn yourself
Put yourself in this wolfs` paws
Could you live without expressing sound?
Could you live without hearing expressed sound?
This wolf does, and survives because we feel responsible for it`s shortcomings.

Why now?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
Written 10-23-01
Imagine being a captivity bred wolf who could neither howl, bark, or hear because of how "man" can pretend to play God and mess up genetics for fun.

And this is a realistic look at how that wolf could feel...
After the deed`s been done, we feel responsible. But not before...

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Comments (2)

I like this poem, thankyou for posting it. As an aside, I note that poems I see on here from you are written long ago, and wondered if you have anything written now to read, I think it would be interesting if you have....If not no worries, just wondering, I would like to see how your talent has progressed.....
Kindest regards.....Andrew.
I`ve been working lately on my artwork and my song lyrics. I just finished a song I`ve been putting off since early July called Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust. I`ll put up some songs in my blogs this weekend or early next week:)
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