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Split Apart

We are all born with a missing piece.
And will search the planet to no end looking for
our split apart.
In a land of the time of before our birth.
We all had a mate.
Joined together were we at the heart.
Not physically but with a rage, a scream, a cry.
Our heart would search for our split apart if separated.
Until the day we die.
I searched for mine and found him in many life times.
Always listening to the sound of the rage, the scream, the cry.
As many times as I was to leave this earth and then return
The longing for my split apart would never die.
He is here. Waiting for his heart to come to life.
I must find him where our love light can burn.
We will know each other by the connections of our split apart.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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Spiritual twin. I don't know Lucky if there was an actual split. I believe in soul mates though, entirely and I hope you find yours. Nice write about re-incarnation.

Thanks CJ it is all imagination. I seem to have this over active imagination lately. I haven't been this imaginative in ages.laugh bouquet
Imagination is goodthumbs up So often adults loose the ability to play and imagine. Then look back on a life of self induced stress. I enjoyed the story. Though I do not believe in a split apart but I do believe in "know each other by the connections of our split apart"bouquet
This spoke to me. All of us looking for our other half... wine
Well I believe in both Spiritual Twins/Twin Flames/Twin Rays AND soulmates for imagination.....sometimes what we think we maybe 'imagining' may actually be the reality?
Love your poem peace

You'll find him, i have no doubt, great write, my friend, enjoyed it...
applause the longing for my split apart would never die,,,wow,,,i love this poem too,,the reason why some of us are here,hunting for our split apart,,men,very deep and nice,,,thanks for the share madamapplause hug bouquet
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