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Desiring You

Am I to be trusted,
If I say unto that
You are beautiful,
Without seeing you
More than your physical self?

Is desiring you by your
Beauty alone, a wrong;
Lusting after, over you,
As child would longfully
Stare at strangers ice cream;
Wanting, tasting, knowing it's
Sweetness without it touching
His lips or caressing his tongue?

Would it be so wrong of me
To capture your imagine in
My mind, undressing you, seeing
You naked in my mind, to pleasure
Myself later, while alone, wishing to
Hear your voice, completing and
Fulfilling a fantasy?

Am I so wrong to want
You in such manner that
My desire brings forth a
Blush to my own cheeks;
To lay to words to paper
That should have stayed
Hidden in my mind?
That is what your beauty has
Done to me; released and
Set free, my thoughts, and
Passions of a man.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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Comments (8)

cheersvery passionate writting,i love it,,thans for sharing such a romantic poem cheers
Thank you jeddah12. Without, hopefully, sounding to repetitious, I'm always pleased when you enjoy my works!
so nice cambuff, lovely write..
thumbs up bouquet bouquet
lovely poem cambuff,“The desire of the man is for the woman, but the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man.”
Ladybee and Ben, thank you. Again, it's a pleasure to write here in the Poets Corner!handshake
Hi, cambuff,
Wanting, tasting, knowing it's Sweetness without it touching His lips defines well the passion of desire. When returned, there is bliss.
A very fitting and descriptive poem.. thanks so much for sharing it here.. hug teddybear bouquet
Definitely NOT wrong, entirely natural. Very good write, Cambuff and your unleashed passions.
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