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Its Black as dark as its ever been
The tendrils are reaching out and touching
Places I thought cleansed
I fight and I fight but I'm only fighting myself
I'm covered in bruises and scars I've created
I'm sinking, sinking into the mire of cess.

No matter what I do
No matter what I say
The promises I make
The steps I do take
I just keep coming back to here.

I created this place
I founded this cage
I made these prison bars
But why the hell didn't I craft the bloody key.
I did a good job I'm trapped inside.
I keep telling myself to change and be free,
But for every baby step, I keep turning away
Its safer here than being hurt outside.

She holds the key; probably.
But with her i did die.
Not her fault I did it myself.
This is a truth, not denied.
But it hurts to see what society has left to me.

Its lonely down here
I just wanna cry.
somebody find me
and make it worth my time.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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dragondog, i'm so very sorry for your depth of suffering.

if you need to weep, then weep.

at least for now, perhaps this place, this forum, this little corner of the world can help to soothe the hurt you speak of and provide some comfort.

there is love here... many tender hearts... maybe stay here, at least for awhile... you were found moments ago, when you entered this space...

it would be lovely to have you here, where there is sharing, both giving and receiving, from beautiful hearts and Souls alike.

ty for what you have already given us, by sharing your write, by making your presence known.

blessed be teddybear
guitar oh,help me if you can im feeling down,wont you pls.pls,,,help medoh cheers im just singing here dragondog,,hope you can hear itgrin cheers dont worry be happy man,grin cheers
Great expression in your poem.. I especially like the lines.. I created this place
I founded this cage
..says alot..
We really do create out own "reality" hug teddybear
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