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The biology of belief...

The biology of belief...
By Bruce Lipton...

"the evolution of human civilization is self-similar to the evolution of a single giant organism. We humans are the cells in that ' social' organism. The relevance is that human civilization will evolve through the phases that characterized the evolution of animals, Human civilization will go through evolutionary phases that are redundant to previous evolution patterns. For example, in the evolution of vertebrate animals, the pattern provided for fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals, an evolutionary jump occurred between each of these major classes of organisms, Civilization is in the process of such a jump now, as we are evolving from a reptilian-based civilization to a mammalian-based civilization. The intellectual character of our culture's leadership is currently most similar to that of reptilian behavior. And yet more advanced mammalian characters yourself and myself are in the process of rewriting a new blueprint for civilization, different from the way we are living now. Reptiles are 'conscious,' and do not express the trait of 'self-consciousness.' What that means is that they live for the moment but they have no conception or vision about how their actions today affect civilization tomoorow.
LG: Not much abstract thinking in that state of being.
BL: A perfect example is our going to war in Iraq , without even considering what the consequences of the war will lead to six weeks later. We fought the war without even a notion of how to deal with the population when the war is over. That is an excellent example of reptilian thinking. A mammalian civilization is a very different one because the character of mammals is that they are nurturers. Nurturing means to 'take care of things so that the future will be better.' Mammalian civilization would be focused upon taking care of the planet, while the current reptilian government, like dinosaurs, are raping the planet for what they need at the moment with no consideration of how their actions affect the future.
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Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
With thanks to Bruce Lipton, a beacon of light in a morass of darkness...

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Comments (7)

very interesting thoughts there earlgrey, scary too!
thumbs up thumbs up bouquet bouquet bouquet
Hi, Earlgreytea,
It is comforting to think we are in the process of rewriting a new blueprint for civilization. Although, personally, I am trying to live more in moment and feel less the burden of the universe! (Making it to Galapagos will be a first step!) I always appreciate the ideas you present for us to ponder. Thank you!
Thanks LadyB and Massachusttes, yeah, what's it all about, eh? Can a 'simple-belief' do all that? Man, why did we first need Ph.D.'s to discover that eh? lol...
Well thought out and insightful, Earl. I hope you are right. Another example is our continued use of fossil fuel when alternatives are so readily available, (hydrogen, solar and wind, for example). Why are we not moving forward on these alternatives on a priority basis? Because the reptilian thinkers that are running this planet are more interested in immediate profits than the long-term existence of out planet. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of our poetry communuty. Now if we could just reach the walnut-sized brains of out so-called leaders... beer
Come on 5th dimension!
I feel like I am alone on a train rapidly aproaching its stop and nearly everyone is still fast asleep. It gets lonely. I want to say, HEY ! WAKE UP! COFFEE?
Bucket of icy water perhaps? AAHHGGGG!
"Because the reptilian thinkers that are running this planet are more interested in immediate profits than the long-term existence of out planet. "

Thanks for your comment Freeatlast and Carol, let's not forget our power, otherwise, we're done for, I believe in time we will heal Gaia, or rather she may heal us..., or it may be a collaborative effort...
there can be no future for homosapien as we've never had one to 'give the first dollar' humans, I have the feeling that mammalia shall do quite nicely...til they change down the road...
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