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I wait as others wait...struggling to see...and to find release....

Those words have haunted me,
Chasing me as I dream.
This soul is ancient as all time,
Knowing no reason but what Ankara deems.
I've known this soul before,
Submitted willingly to his requests.
Been obedient to his love and knowledge.
Ankara is restless and in pain,
Yet I know I cannot soothe.
His soul and mine are not destined,
To reach in this here and now.
Yet, gladly I would steal one golden hour,
Away from time.
And wrap my wings around him,
And caress this soul.
Ease the pain that Ankara carries within,
Shield him from more, in that golden hour.
Each second blending into minutes,
I see unfolding before me, what our souls have been.
Ankara knows my name,
Yet I must not know mine, due to my shame.
For this here and now is my lesson,
My pain.
The golden hour passes and releasing,
Ankara from me, I set him free.
Waiting sadly, yet gladly, knowing
That Ankara knows my soul.
Knows that his pains is,
But a moment in the eternity of time.
I know our souls will meet,
When destiny has decided,
That my lesson has been learned.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Dream poem

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Comments (6)

Wow! Way cool, Amahlala! Excellent write and magical content. Kudos! wine
amahlala, a spiritual journey for both, and us readers too. Most enticing write lady.
Hi, amahlala,
ancient as all time, one can only hope in life to get the best teachers.
Thank you everyone...the poem was inspired by something a friend wrote about waiting and it chased me in my dreams until I finally wrote it out.....bouquet
I think this poem is excellent
Thank you Andrew...appreciate it!bouquet
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by amahlala (51 Poems)
on Sep 2010
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