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Tomorrow's Promise

Tomorrow holds so much promise,
May be great but you never know...
Will she be glad when she sees this?
Does wishing ever make it so?

Will she be pleased with how I look?
Oh why'd I have to cut my hair?
Will she enjoy the things I cook,
And what about my underwear?

I know it's insecurity,
But I just cannot help it, my sweet dear.
And yet in all sincerity,
Will you still love me when you're here?

My greatest hope and dearest wish,
Is that we will be our best friends,
And each tender loving dish,
Will make a meal that never ends.

Freinds and lovers, bound together,
Free enslavement, entered gladly.
My one hope is love forever,
I can't help it, love you madly.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Quivering with anticipation...

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Comments (14)

Made me smile. grin
Nice write Free.....I enjoyed it....thankyou.....Andrew.dancing
Very nice indeed. I enjoyed this one. Thanks for sharing.
nice write F.A.L. stanza 4 is 'n love, great for the soul.
Hi, freeeatlast64847,
Will you still love me when you're here? asks the "I" hoping to be loved when truly seen. Hope you cook up something delicious!
food and underwear that's my problem...aha! I've got it! rather than mere plates, meals served atop underwear...something of a practice run, if you would...*why did earlgrey's aardvark pop into mind...?... doh
Have a great time free! Just be your lovely self... teddybear
knock her socks off...and if not, knock her dead. heh. I KID! you will be awesome and so will she. believe it. and i had to laugh at your "quivering with anticipation"...i can only see tim curry in fishnets! lol! sorry! HAVE A RAD WEEKEND!!!!! WOOHOOOO TO LOVE!!!! (yeah i got my drink on tonight.) cheers
Thanks gypsygurl and andrew! Tomorrow is now yesterday, but the promise is still there...
Thanks goodguy! Food and love, two sensuous deights...

Thanks gnj, the food came out well and hope remains. Guess we'll find out next month if we truly have found love...

Yeah hedi, Clean underwear is as essential to love as food is to life...
Thanks beautiful! I was and it seemed to go well. We'll see what time will tell...
How lovely FAL

just breath!

so glad all went wellbouquet

Have to agree with "gashly" (Anticipation)

I did have visions of "Tim curry" in RHPS

"Come up to my Lab and see whats on my slab"

Enjoy life and laugh my friend

A lovely poem. xo
Your courage to show your vulnerability is endearing, thanks for sharing...
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