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Sadly, seeming with a certain finality,
Saying goodbye to my beach,
Goodbye to the waves crashing on the shore,
Old habit that in the past had become a formality,
But, this time, I swear, back I’ll reach,
And return home, here, my home…..Once more.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Looking forward to a new job, not looking forward to having to live away from the place I have grown to love, a place I have learned to call "Home". I have travelled too much in the past and said goodbye to too many people and places......I will be

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Hi, andrew149,
Knowledge of an Old habit that in the past had become a formality extends its foot into the future. Best Wishes!
andrew, we all move back-n-forth on this planet so saying goodbye to a place is just a line, lyrically and geometrically. Tangentially we look toward new ways and means. ;-)
The traveler must travel but has given himself a base....bouquet
Bon voyage, my friend...
Sorry you have to leave your home. I wish you the best with your new job and place. Take care. Come back soon.
Moves are temporary. Home is lasting. Wish I could live on the beach... Happy landings! beer
Thankyou gnj4u, hope it doesn't extend it's foot too far into the
Take the beach with you Andrew... take pictures, record the sound of the waves, put some sand and seashells in a little box... whatever will remind you of Home.

... until you return xx
Nicely done Andrew.. But in my opinion, having for those of us lucky enough to have lived on the water .. you never really leave..if you are lucky enough to keep that peace and serenity within... Having said that... Dam I miss the water! laugh Good luck my friend.. and take the gentle humming of the surf, with you where you go... hug teddybear
Home is where the heart isblues
Much luck on your new adventureteddybear
as the line from a song goes: our only home is bone. so take that as comfort, that we merely dwell ON the earth, and moving is in our blood. but yes, i feel your sadness of saying farewell to the shore...that one is always most difficult. cheers
as you leave your place of settlement of nuturing with your time spent there, it is now that yes you do move on, but to always know your roots are grounded, because that is of your memories of what waves spilled throughout the moments, to only now such greatest time to shift and create anew.

I envy for the new creation, so raw for you to anew, for to leave is only to start your decision,so all shall be good, it is always a place you can return, remember the smells the soft sea air, you shall not just disappear.
"Within yourself"

But to only move to another location, and lifes stretch is moving memories..nothing wrong with that.
I smile friend.
Your new creation begins..

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