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I am Sorry...

Finding the meaning

What does it mean

My heart fears

The pain grows

But still...

I ask, what does it mean

I know, but don't want to say

I thought I found you

I thought we found each other

Then it came

Discord, pain, tears, problems

My heart feels

Yet I know the truth

I found me deep inside

I now know me

Harmony, peace, love and laughter

Is it so hard

Do we have to strive so hard

What does it mean

When the songs have no meaning

only reperesent a time in the past

What does it mean

When my heart does not run to find you

When I would rather, rather anything

What does it mean

When the talks we used to have for hours

I almost seek to avoid

It means I must die

It means I must cry

It means I must say

What I know is true

I am sorry, so sorry

What does it mean

Good bye
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
That time we all hope will never come. When the glimmer, the spark, the knowing, that love no longer exists in the way we first found it. The hard reality of love lost. The harshness of facing the truth. "Why can't it be as it was?" we may never know. But the fact, the sad fact that it is gone... (A place I hope to never return)

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Comments (2)

the sorrow from the realization that we were somehow tricked right from the start...most palpable. it stings. and 'sorry' is the most empty word at the end of a relationship sentence. bravo, forever destiny, you nailed it. cheers
Thank you. When Goodbye comes at the end of a relationship, there is no such thing as a best word to use. They all seem to be saying the same thing.
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