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An Angel without Wings

Starry skies

A moonlit night

Sunshine high in all it's warmth and tenderness

Clouds that make a mystical creature and castles above

So I can see

They come to me, those in need

I do not seek but can feel

Pain, need, rejection and sorrow. They have it all.

Blessed am I, an honored guest

If I can, but one to help. To guide. To light a path

If I can, but one assist

Contentment is mine and knowledge of what I am fulfilled

Power not mine, but mine to give

Strength to lend and words to cure

Peace and joy and harmony. Weapons and gifts.

Not mine, but mine to bestow if I can

To give, to be a vessel I am honored and more

To receive I care not. Nice yes, but not needed.

Reward someday

I care not when

Not about me but them

The little ones in need

To self I look.

Physician that cannot heal himself

The healer who can not lay hands on himself

The prophet who sees not his own morrow

The leader who looses himself

Eyes to see but for ones self feeling blind

Ears deafened to my own voice

Sensing, feeling, touching worlds and people not my own

Where am I when alone

Angel they call me, of the highest realm

Knowing what I do not know. Touching what is out of reach. Battling beings beyond my mortal existence.

Yet, I can not fly for myself

Soaring high and fast, the gates shut I can burst through for the heart of another. Flying above the darkness to help one in need. Through the fires and chasms to help the lost.

Yet, I can not fly for myself

An angel without wings
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Just another time in the past, when it seems we can be there for anyone else and all of their needs. But when we look at ourselves, we seem lost.

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Comments (6)

"The Way of Peace" seems to be the other bookend of "An Angel without Wings" ForeverDestiny, you write your feelings well and show courage, great courage some would say, to put it "out there". Well done.
Thank you "agoodguy...". It's the only way I know to write no matter what it is. Reach deep, put it out there and see what happens. lol Most of the time, in all truth, I write once without looking back so as not to change the feeling of what I am writing.
Unusual Angel piece but very nice. I think they look like ordinary men.
Thank you CJ, I think you are right.
its a wonderful piece of write sir,,i enjoy the readcheers
Thank you Jeddah
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