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Allegory Poems (933)

Here is a list of Allegory Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Haikus 5 7 5 Poem

Haikus 5-7-5Lets see what others can come up with too, lets go...

Oceanzest1515Jun 14Jun 19
Let Me Play Poem

Let Me Play >Let Me Play > In Your Garden Where The Warm Lily Grows Swollen In Time Up Through The Moist Grass Wet With Dew...

PassionateArtist6372Jun 2016May 22
Auguries of Innocence By William Blake Poem

Auguries of Innocence (By William Blake)This poem has always caught my attention, especially the first verse. It certainly makes you think about life and its consequeces. Auguries of Inn...

FireyRose3132Nov 2017May 17
Illusion of love Poem

Illusion of loveDont know why this, as it's not that great but, feeling a bit disillusioned lately....

Unknown1102May 16May 17
Mixed up thoughts Poem

Mixed up thoughtsMix your thoughts All jumbled up Life's body grows from seed to dust From youth to adults we gather are thoughts Who are we why we here where w...

wayne341040Apr 10

A Poem about Poetry...Some thoughts around writing....

Mizzy429516Apr 3Apr 9
the undressed oak Poem

the undressed oakhe sat on the old deck chair and thought about her about how she tied a strand of blonde behind her ear when she was anxious how the sun made p...

yachtsman_72696Nov 2020Mar 10
something shimmering and right Poem

something shimmering and rightpause and feel it so familier yet you've never seen it with your eyes a kind of innocent expression something naive something wise...

yachtsman_738610Feb 15Mar 9
The Opposites Poem

The Opposites.this is my amateur poetry on opposites . It began as a describing of couples who are opposites but completely transformed into a discription of opposi...

Aceguy1112808Mar 1Mar 3
Gleam Poem

GleamGazing into your eyes one enters a trancelike state. Easily captured by this wellspring of gripping allure, one teeters on the edge. But, the edge of...

hedistuff1901Feb 19Feb 19
to remake anew Poem

to remake anewshe was crying in the sea unloved and worn she spoke to me her heart and boards were long ripped out her diesel engine left in doubt yet I...

yachtsman_72427Feb 6Feb 13
love affair Poem

love affairPolly wanted love so much she saw all the other girls chased by boys smiling..holding hands....kissing (gulp!) folks barely spoke to Polly and esp...

hedistuff1592Jan 29Feb 5
you Poem

youIf I could hold the quill of truth over the page of unfolding story and hold it still and let the page itself write the words of your definin...

yachtsman_72398Jan 24Jan 30
strawberry Hill Poem

strawberry Hillall was the same on strawberry hill the city looked up at those walking down and tethered boats traced the breath of cloud all was the same...

yachtsman_71643Jan 19Jan 20
marianne Poem

mariannedrank whisky from a bellybutton after hours in a bar heard the sound of my breathing through the lungs of your guitar heard a seagull s...

yachtsman_71864Jan 11Jan 18

A Poem For My Fellow PoetsA cowboy poet's view on writing poetry and sharing it with fellow poets and readers....

ReaderOfSouls1,45448Dec 2010Jan 16
tracks Poem

tracksI sit transfixed as thought it flies to see warmth twice inside her eyes a carraige full of moving breath some bound for life some bound for death...

yachtsman_71896Jan 13Jan 16
streets for Liam Reilly Poem

streets (for Liam Reilly)For Liam Reilly (Singer, Songwriter, RIP)...

yachtsman_723312Jan 4Jan 8
Starpiercer Poem

StarpiercerIf all the sharp stars, fell down from up high, from spaces beyond deep blue skies... Would you even try, to catch at least one, or stare glaring as...

candykid2685Aug 2020Dec 2020
the air did move in silent sing Poem

the air did move in silent singthe air did move in silent sing as linnets sung on warble wing and truth did shine upon it's clock as two moored souls depart the dock time bent...

yachtsman_72266Dec 2020Dec 2020
Last Chance Lover Poem

"Last Chance Lover"Some say loving is gambling But my card decks have other use Nowadays games and relationships are scrambling Surely there is a certain abuse The...

givemelove1342Dec 2020Dec 2020
Dylan JFK Poem

Dylan (JFK)round up the usual suspects of men round up some more and do it again pain is a letter stamped with a trowel and a life cruelly taken is mu...

yachtsman_71723Nov 2020Nov 2020

THE NIGHT SLEEPSHAIKU! He sneezed. God bless you. She responded....

surprizeme1511Nov 2020Nov 2020
Canadian girl Poem

Canadian girlI met her in the winter in a bar upon the hill when the dark was carved by starlight and the moon had paid the bill I stepped in from the wild...

yachtsman_71892Nov 2020Nov 2020
cars and girls Poem

cars and girlsthe cafe was closing and the air was darker than age Mary was fixing her order and her world had become like a cage will you still see me...

yachtsman_72277Nov 2020Nov 2020
when Poem

whenwhen I tamed rage and tried anew a road emerged that led to you when I quit work and made a career I fed with tune my starving ear wh...

yachtsman_71503Oct 2020Oct 2020
ordinary love Poem

ordinary loveI see you everyday its not important you see me I'm the the man who moors his boat near your house upon the quay your son is older than me lear...

yachtsman_73268Sep 2020Oct 2020
She has a name Poem

She has a nameI thank God for his grace to write something like this. I felt like I was transported to third heaven and came back with this message. Love, Cafe...

cafetwo20107509Dec 2016Sep 2020
the pub on poets corner Poem

the pub on poet's cornerI was mending a hull 'neath the crying gull when the call came down the line my dad had gone his time had come and a world of hurt was mine...

yachtsman_72006Sep 2020Sep 2020
stay the course girl Poem

stay the course, girlfor Vanessa...

walRU3244Apr 2019Aug 2020
ana maria Poem

ana mariayou can ride of the zest of a smile, girl if you want to you can walk on the side of the earth, girl like I do like a bird who can sing...

yachtsman_71992Aug 2020Aug 2020
When spirits fly Poem

When spirits fly..Can't love you enough Though I wish I Could love you More I wanna pour my Magic into your Soul But there are so Many thorns in Your heart I...

cafetwo201077714Dec 2016Aug 2020
blonde Poem

blondebearded, wild quick tempered be my natural place is on the sea my northern star her memory the anchor locker and the quay nets to fire ro...

yachtsman_72683Jul 2020Aug 2020
Contrition Poem

ContritionThese sins of mine, persist with time, consisting of bad thoughts... Then transfer to, actions untrue, just look what I have taught... I brought tru...

candykid160-Aug 2020
Marianne Poem

Mariannestep into the make believe footfalling into stones where memories are citadels wider than truth her bones I never knew the right words you...

yachtsman_73379May 2020Jul 2020
Fissures Poem

FissuresToo fast to live, too young to die.......

candykid2863Jun 2020Jul 2020
the unasked question Poem

the unasked questionbaby, hills run dry beneath your velvet sky outside i queue for gas in the rain baby, I don't know how the tale of us will go don't walk aw...

yachtsman_72122Jul 2020Jul 2020
neat whiskey and untidy women Poem

neat whiskey (and untidy women)drank whiskey from her navel after hours in a bar heard the sound of my breathing through the lungs of your guitar and lightnings just...

yachtsman_72163Jul 2020Jul 2020
the wreck of the catherine anne Poem

the wreck of the catherine annefragments of stories half heard in the inn awoke in me fires stoked by the gin catherine anne moored in secret twilight buckled neath bullion...

yachtsman_785611Jun 2020Jul 2020
guitar Poem

guitarI spent monday just walking through town searchin' for magical timbers of brown I watched tuesday morning arrive like a swan calm at the surf...

yachtsman_76676Jul 2020Jul 2020
current events Poem

current eventsAt first not caring that some statues and memorials were being removed. As well as the naming of schools, highways, buildings, etc. I thought that...

hedistuff7561Jun 2020Jun 2020
Angel Poem

Angelwell heaven knows and heaven lies I'm travelling down this road under.. stationary skies the distances are vast I can see no end its easy...

yachtsman_78416Jun 2020Jun 2020

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2021. All rights reserved.

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