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Allegory Poems (908)

Here is a list of Allegory Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Starpiercer Poem

StarpiercerIf all the sharp stars, fell down from up high, from spaces beyond deep blue skies... Would you even try, to catch at least one, or stare glaring as...

candykid471Aug 621 hrs ago

blondebearded, wild quick tempered be my natural place is on the sea my northern star her memory the anchor locker and the quay nets to fire ro...

yachtsman_71153Jul 27Aug 6
Contrition Poem

ContritionThese sins of mine, persist with time, consisting of bad thoughts... Then transfer to, actions untrue, just look what I have taught... I brought tru...

candykid63-Aug 1

Mariannestep into the make believe footfalling into stones where memories are citadels wider than truth her bones I never knew the right words you...

yachtsman_72479May 11Jul 31
Fissures Poem

FissuresToo fast to live, too young to die.......

candykid2073Jun 11Jul 22

the unasked questionbaby, hills run dry beneath your velvet sky outside i queue for gas in the rain baby, I don't know how the tale of us will go don't walk aw...

yachtsman_71192Jul 12Jul 16

neat whiskey (and untidy women)drank whiskey from her navel after hours in a bar heard the sound of my breathing through the lungs of your guitar and lightnings just...

yachtsman_71283Jul 8Jul 11

the wreck of the catherine annefragments of stories half heard in the inn awoke in me fires stoked by the gin catherine anne moored in secret twilight buckled neath bullion...

yachtsman_776511Jun 23Jul 6

guitarI spent monday just walking through town searchin' for magical timbers of brown I watched tuesday morning arrive like a swan calm at the surf...

yachtsman_73916Jul 1Jul 4
current events Poem

current eventsAt first not caring that some statues and memorials were being removed. As well as the naming of schools, highways, buildings, etc. I thought that...

hedistuff6801Jun 22Jun 23

Angelwell heaven knows and heaven lies I'm travelling down this road under.. stationary skies the distances are vast I can see no end its easy...

yachtsman_77436Jun 15Jun 20
Mentor 4 Soulgoddess Poem

Mentor * 4 Soulgoddess *Here you go Angeline. ...this should get their minds working....

candykid1,196-Jan 2015Jun 3
Sad The Sensitive Artist Poem

Sad The Sensitive ArtistAn observation of poets pitching a fit when they are criticized. Not a pretty sight....

ReaderOfSouls90413Jan 2011May 12
Instinct Revisited Poem

Instinct RevisitedIt's what's inside that makes us....

ReaderOfSouls4541Dec 2010May 12
The Second Book Of Job Revisited Poem

The Second Book Of Job RevisitedAn accident on the rimrock....

ReaderOfSouls66612Dec 2010May 12
Accountability Poem

AccountabilityAccountability for one's own actions....

ReaderOfSouls4969Nov 2010May 12
The Rise And Fall Of Pride Poem

(The Rise And Fall Of) PrideAn observation of how pride can raise us up and so easily bring us down if we don't keep it in check....

ReaderOfSouls53913Jan 2011May 12

Vanessa, explainedIf I could hold the quill of truth over the page of unfolding story and hold it still and let the page itself write the words of your defini...

yachtsman_71562May 7May 9
candykid1,33030Sep 2014May 5
A Childs Pain Poem

A Child's PainNo words necessary....

candykid1,884-Jun 2014May 3

the rebuildshe was crying in the sea unloved and worn she spoke to me her heart and boards were long ripped out her diesel engine left in doubt yet...

yachtsman_71395May 2May 3

iron barsI came from the sea I came from the sea is that woman still there does she still wait on me? I toiled on the sea I toiled on the sea until I t...

yachtsman_72505Apr 27Apr 28
Dark Matter Poem

Dark MatterThe only thing that matters in this cursed dark universe... Are things unseen in sick dark dreams that bring what surely hurts... Invisible stars to...

candykid1,71647Jul 2014Apr 28
A Poem For My Fellow Poets Poem

A Poem For My Fellow PoetsA cowboy poet's view on writing poetry and sharing it with fellow poets and readers....

ReaderOfSouls1,17542Dec 2010Apr 28

her question (my answer)she looks at me, mid pub, and asks in a way, rhetorical as if she knows something I don't and will never "why do you live on a boat?" for the...

yachtsman_71734Apr 26Apr 26

kissyou and me sitting on the edge of memory the radio sings about the things we want to do your kisses bring a rising spring of honeydew i...

yachtsman_71383Apr 22Apr 23
Black Marbles Poem

Black MarblesRe-edit......

candykid2,18749Jun 2014Apr 2

The Teenage lcbr* Not to mention the specific school, although there were hippies in the local area. ** Not really true, I was only interested in Adult thing...

lovecanbereal1282Mar 24Mar 31
Wordplay Part 3 Poem

Wordplay Part 3Or are they?...

Candykid21332Mar 19Mar 19
Rattler Poem

RattlerIn a depressed state of mind, this poem came to me faster than any poem I have ever written in my life. the words litterally popped out of my head fas...

liter4hrs1040Jan 30
Wordplay Poem

WordplayJust wordplay again....

candykid1,11628May 2014Jan 16

Tomorrow's VoyageNew Years !! Something very symbolic to a new year like in voyages in time, we will head across unknown chartless territory to new horizons....

Yankee4you28411Dec 30Jan 6

The Silent LandlineTelephoneWARNING POEM RATED R Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. ADVISED FOR THOSE WHO ALREADY BROKEN IN BY TAKEN LSD ALREADY. POEM MIG...

surprizeme2511Nov 2019Nov 2019
borderline Poem

borderlinePark was the head officer on the border crossing between North and South Korea. He had a problem. Two weeks ago a woman, let's call her lin, pitche...

walRU1882Sep 2019Nov 2019
the wild road Poem

the wild roadHearts? yes be they a bell still dimly all a chime though faint and pure it sleeps a'rest neath the fraying canvass of time yet what...

walRU3393Oct 2019Nov 2019
the face of god Poem

the face of godI took a walk in ancient clothes across your face, a mile and as I tired I took a rest in the corner of your smile my crops slept in barren fiel...

walRU1922Oct 2019Nov 2019
Nights Poem

NightsWhen I am unable to see a wink I beg the night to give me some sleep....

marikia5856Jan 2011Nov 2019
Starfall Poem

StarfallTo distant memories and new beginnings....

candykid1,51929May 2014Oct 2019
Philosophy Poem

PhilosophyPhilosophy of life that became a sermon in poetic form....

ReaderOfSouls5249Jan 2011Oct 2019

What We Trust In Our HeartsLittle fears and doubts should be listened to....

Yankee4you5846Jul 2011Oct 2019

MY LIFEcontemplations thats all...

EXRED33720Jul 2019Sep 2019
Legal Alien Poem

Legal AlienHumans develop a deep connections with the places they settle in and the need to feel we belong to a place, to a unit or group of people, a community...

orientalkoru27011Aug 2019Sep 2019

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