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Holidays Poems (347)

Here is a list of Holidays Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Stuff To Do In October Poem

Stuff To Do In OctoberI miss dressing up as a sleestak from Land of the Lost or Dracula and running from house to house to get candy. My favorite as a kid was the miniroll...

mcradloff33124 hrs ago8 hrs ago
Being Dead Aint Easy Poem

Being Dead Ain't EasyWatching a lot of zombie movies and basing this on Return of the Living Dead where the zombies have to eat brains in order to stop feeling pain....

mcradloff834Oct 16Oct 22
Pet Semetary Poem

Pet SemetaryPet Semetary is one of my favorite Halloween movies, South Park did a parody of this movie which is from the book by Stephen King...

mcradloff651Oct 9Oct 10

WELSH BOYSJust been on coach holiday to Wales and was inspired ha ha...

EXRED318411Sep 12Sep 30

Deprogramming the days of dismayMy disdain for programming. Calendars are just one part of it. Our Native elder's believed e v e r y day to be sacred. Every day is a day to hono...

SEEKINGinger1546Aug 14Aug 17
Vacation to Maine Poem

Vacation to MaineI have managed to keep myself busy, but next time I'm flying, the road traffic was too much....

mcradloff982Aug 7Aug 8
The Snake Pit Poem

The Snake PitMy sister is doing basically what we did to Japan in 1945, getting revenge for neglect of her and her children and grandchildren by taking mom out of...

mcradloff2373Oct 2020Jul 30
Garage Sale Drama Poem

Garage Sale DramaI was lucky enough to be off work today so I could get a few garage sales in. I asked a woman I bought a joke book about Norwegians if she was, she l...

mcradloff550May 8
Oscar Poem

OscarI try to watch The Ten Commandments and Schindler's List every year around Lent. "Whoever saves one life, save the world entire."...

mcradloff1135Apr 2Apr 3
Mikes Commandments Poem

Mike's CommandmentsThe Ten Commandments has been on TV before Palm Sunday for as long as I can remember. My favorite scenes are when Moses is being threatened with ston...

mcradloff1181Mar 27Mar 27

EastChina nights...

Oceanzest1253Mar 17Mar 18
2020 vision Poem

2020 visionHappy New 2021 dear poets!...

yaspark26610Dec 2020Jan 16
Thanks Santa Poem

Thanks SantaSanta was a big part of my childhood and still is a part of my Christmas celebration. The best depiction of him is in the cartoon Rudolph the Red-nos...

mcradloff1855Dec 2020Dec 2020
Planets and other stuff Poem

Planets and other stuffChristmas is over for another year and I got more than I thought I would get....

mcradloff1161Dec 2020Dec 2020
Christmas Poem with a thought Poem

Christmas Poem.....with a thought...I has posted this poem on the site, at this time 3 years ago... It has since been archived, so I thought about starting a new thread..... (with a litt...

twinself1,07819Dec 2009Dec 2020
Lighting the Way Poem

Lighting the WayI love this season…a cause to ponder meaning within creation, including what we create and celebrate. While recognizing the illuminary icons that lig...

gnj4u91422Dec 2009Dec 2020
Snow Poem

SnowI love snow, it's so pretty!...

mcradloff1083Dec 2020Dec 2020
Christmas Cards Poem

Christmas CardsI try to write something in each one to let them know what I have done this last year. Missing my dead dad, dealing with my mom's dementia and he eve...

mcradloff990Dec 2020
Last Thanksgiving Poem

Last Thanksgiving?I have to wait and see if we have a Christmas get together. My sister and her kids have boycotted my Mom and Shane and want nothing to do with them....

mcradloff1594Nov 2020Dec 2020
Twinkies Poem

TwinkiesI watch horror movies from September 15 and Halloween. This movie is one of my favorites. The Burbs is another funny Halloween movie....

mcradloff1110Oct 2020

TOPLESSFirm full breasts, And the beat I skip As the woman Wades in for a dip. Under a hanky On his rock, Her lover perches, Deep in a book....

Velvetpaws331280Jun 2020
Porch Light Burning A Toast For 2012 Poem

Porch Light Burning- A Toast For 2012May the porch light toast always guide you home safely. :-)...

ReaderOfSouls1,20811Dec 2011May 2020
The Wisdom Of Solstice Poem

The Wisdom Of SolsticeBlessed be you all this Solstice Night....

CelticPoet1272715Dec 2014Jan 2020
What I Got For Christmas Poem

What I Got For ChristmasI have gotten many gifts over the years. I wore my sister's gift of a Galena Golf Club shirt on Christmas since she and her whole family didn't show...

mcradloff2011Dec 2019Jan 2020
King of Christmas Shadows Challenge Poem

King of Christmas * Shadow's Challenge *A very short poem in response to Linda's challenge....

candykid1,20615Dec 2014Dec 2019
Christmas Tree Ornament Poem

Christmas Tree OrnamentThese are my first ornaments that have sound. I get one every year. In 2012 when I was out of work I found a picture ornament in the trash. I have...

mcradloff1720Dec 2019
Soylent Green Poem

Soylent GreenI was watching Soylent Green with Charlton Heston and thought of a commercial for these wafers set in the year 2022, about three years from now. In t...

mcradloff2402Oct 2019Dec 2019
Thanksgiving Day Poem

Thanksgiving DayDealing with my family is tough, no one else showed up as they are fed up too....

mcradloff2312Nov 2019Dec 2019
Planes Trains and Automobiles Retold Poem

Planes Trains and Automobiles RetoldThis is by far the most popular Thanksgiving movie ever, and really funny....

mcradloff1870Nov 2019
Christmas Shopping in November Poem

Christmas Shopping in NovemberAlready watching Thanksgiving and Christmas movies. I started off with Charlie Brown's Thanksgving and also watched the best of Saturday Night Live's...

mcradloff2141Nov 2019Nov 2019
Frozen Nights Poem

Frozen Nightsits like a riddle....

Brent2251660Oct 2019
Holloween Jack Poem

Holloween Jackabout Holloween here in the Philippines....

Brent2251600Oct 2019

HALLOWS' EVE (Response to Halloween Challenge)For you Cafe: Bringing out of the mothballs for Halloween 2018. Nonsmoker's Halloween Challenge 2016...

godsprincess90620Oct 2016Oct 2019
godsprincess3916Oct 2018Oct 2019
Needful Things Poem

Needful ThingsI have been watching horror movies for Halloween. I have seven days left to watch them and read my collection of scary books. My favorite from my ch...

mcradloff1770Oct 2019
Songs For Halloween Poem

Songs For HalloweenThere are also songs with a dark nature to them that could be included like Sweet Dreams by Eurthmics or Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson....

mcradloff1880Oct 2019
7 Poem

7I love this movie as it deals with thing that many people struggle with, gluttony lust pride covetousness anger envy, and sloth....

mcradloff2040Oct 2019
Dont be sad Poem

"Don't be sad"Here goes. A race on toes. To a place I don’t know. Travelling under darkness and the sun’s glow. To a land with the taste of foreign words. Dres...

IvoryPetals6296Mar 2014Jul 2019
Easter Traditions Poem

Easter TraditionsI colored my Easter eggs this morning....

mcradloff2358Apr 2019Apr 2019
bad santa Poem

bad santaxmas time haiku...

OdaMae2140Feb 2019

Silent walkHeat of the sun The motion of the water laps the sandy beach Cool breeze The heat envelopes ones senses The gentle breeze Blows within the tre...

wayne343471Jan 2019Jan 2019
New Years Resolutions 2018 Poem

New Years Resolutions 2018Just throwing out some things I would like to have real in my life....

mcradloff27610Dec 2018Jan 2019

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