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Hold upJust having some fun with the word/term 'holdup'...;-D...

Didi7702Jan 26Jan 29

BittenThe monkeys were in China!...

FargoFan864Jan 20Jan 23

Ah I see my hair is less and lessoh nothing much but next time I'll ask for number one again, no more number three....

FargoFan1604Dec 16Jan 7
Southern Santa Poem

Southern SantaSanta's equivalent...

Oceanzest1305Dec 13Dec 22
Horse jokes Poem

Horse jokesThere's something about horses.....

Oceanzest1774Nov 19Nov 26
All you need Poem

All you needok I'm idle, writing some rhyme, I should be writing about spring!...

Oceanzest1752Oct 16Nov 23

Forest is going to HeavenFORREST GUMP goes to HEAVEN The day finally arrived when Forrest Gump dies and goes to Heaven. He met at the Pearly Gates by St. Peter himself....

bcjenny1362Oct 10Oct 24

When Cupid gets Drunk* Luckily, he missed! (I had fun writing this).....

lovecanbereal3414Sep 26Oct 20
Efficiency Of Evil Poem

Efficiency Of EvilThis poem is the day to day battle with the. unknown force that makes us make constant mistakes in our lives....

john170219841311Oct 10Oct 10

CIRCLES OF LIFERemembering cs 12 years ago When Steven Curtess got some of our poems published in a book. All with permission of course. Grand poet he was....

EXRED32046Oct 8Oct 9
Why Men Hate Sex Poem

Why Men Hate SexI couldn't help myself! If there was any man that was REAL that might contact me by some remote, and I mean remote chance, this may have sealed my fat...

ImagineLove93724Aug 2014Sep 30
Go Ask Alice Poem

Go Ask AliceTo Lewis Carroll...

Unknown73719Sep 2010Sep 29
My Remembering Ability Is Aging Poem

My Remembering Ability Is Aging!!!As we age we tend to lose our ability to keep up with some certain things as human not because we are clueless or careless but because nature can't be...

Davidmarktom4273273Sep 23Sep 27

It had upset meIt happened as told, yesterday....

FargoFan1250Sep 11

Silly RhymeJust having fun with rhymes.......

Didi71592Aug 22Sep 8

Some Things Rhyme With Orange!* A hill near Abergavenny (in Wales), popular with hang gliders ** An English surname....note: any resemblance, to any person (living or dead), i...

lovecanbereal1925Jul 16Jul 22

Poet"s cornerIt concerns our poet"s corner-The way I see some poets on our Poet"s corner .. I tried to write with humor and a little bit of irony))) sometimes it'...

salamuna62722May 2022Jul 22
socrates442718Jun 14Jul 21

Words Of Love Act: 1I sketched this down in 12/93. This is one of three I came across....

DiggableHippy491550Jul 19

this winter it seems...reluctant to get up - mid winter...

FargoFan1060Jul 16

My phone never ringslike you I get phishing calls everyday...

FargoFan1624Jul 8Jul 9

Be real: Ace Poet Part 2Original lcbr poem (edited slightly)....from the blogs....(A bit of shameless self-promotion!)...

lovecanbereal176-Jul 3

The blogs are okAn original lcbr poem, (from the blogs).........

lovecanbereal180-Jul 3

The Old CodgerI talk to the old codger But he's an old dodger As sly as a wisp of smoke In due proportions Not gross distortions I now beseech You old bloke...

lovecanbereal121-Jul 3

PythagorasThe marvel of the Ancient Greeks.... The term pi, was not used by Pythagoras, at the time...(hence the inverted commas)....But it amounts to the SA...

lovecanbereal135-Jul 3
Animal jokes Poem

Animal jokesBrighten your day...

Oceanzest1827Jun 30Jul 2

The Age of ChivalryA bit of doggerel....The way things were, back then...

lovecanbereal391-Feb 2022Jun 29

I'm a poow-witLol. I was writing to a profile who professed an interest in reading poetry, so, being an Amateur Author, I decided to write a poem--which I've done...

Iyyov1030Jun 20

humihinga paMy bones seem to feel the cold this winter!...

FargoFan21910Jun 15Jun 19
Its time for you to show Poem

It's time for you to showThis goes out to Lori ,my high Noon poker partner the way you're Wanted...500 jeans Reward And also to my fans ..extended version!...

morgen9021076715Jul 2012Jun 13
Why Poem

Why?Why?, Why? does there need to be an answer to existence, Why not exist? No one knows, where we go, where this all goes, if we could only stop lookin...

optimisticme1172May 2022Jun 2022

Shaggy dog storiesJust a quick attempt at humour - reference to Henry Lawson, perhaps 'The Loaded dog'...

FargoFan1812Mar 2022Jun 2022
Venting Poem

Venting!And the cost of living is rising faster than the tide, We have no control, just along for the ride, I can’t go on holiday, I can’t go away, I can...

optimisticme1443May 2022May 2022
Absent Minded Poet Poem

Absent Minded PoetI can't remember the words I can't remember the line I'm just an absent minded poet And without a partner in crime I'll never solve this case of...

EyeLook4U1041May 2022May 2022
List Poem

ListI've decided to write my bucket list......... 1. Mop bucket Thats it!...

optimisticme1211May 2022May 2022
Just dont Poem

Just don't!Secret intelligence from the survelliance "mast", shows life cant continue, it's growing too fast, ozone layers, emissions from cars, carbon footpr...

optimisticme1180May 2022
Really its only paper anyway Poem

Really, it's only paper anyway!I HATE when people tell me money does not grow on trees, its so annoying, I KNOW MONEY DOES NOT GROW ON TREES, I looked! But where does it grow?,...

optimisticme880May 2022
Onward we go Poem

Onward we go.The art of communication has changed, rearranged, instead of "I said", its now, "I was like" instead of " I said back" it's "I turned around and sai...

optimisticme1180Apr 2022
Older questions Poem

Older questions!At twenty one and twenty five, you wonder who will be alive, at forty one and forty five, you just don't know who will thrive, at fifty one and sixty...

optimisticme990Apr 2022
Gardeners Dilemma Poem

Gardeners Dilemma!Marigolds in June can thrive, its Cosmos that do survive, in April and May, who knows what to say, but certain roses bloom all year round, Chantilly L...

optimisticme1090Apr 2022
Dedicated to the day Poem

Dedicated to the dayfilling in time, Happy Easter all...

Oceanzest1444Apr 2022Apr 2022
But it was fun while it lasted Poem

But it was fun while it lasted!And tomorrow will be, oh yes, with or without you or me, its strange to see, such continuity, but that is the way, come what may, when playtime ends,...

optimisticme1360Apr 2022

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