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Humor Poems (1,997)

Here is a list of Humor Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Towering WinoDon't dream about this guy :)...

Oceanzest490Aug 2

SpamYou never know!! or do you??...

trurorob1,75750Jul 2010Jun 28
Cow Attack Poem

Cow AttackA little bit of light-hearted humor and a smile for you all. :-) "Roy" is my cousin, and he did find the truck and was instructed to get it cleaned...

ReaderOfSouls7235Jun 20Jun 24
Driving Error Poem

Driving ErrorDriving Instructor: “why do you keep coming back Dave?” David: “I want to pass”. Driving Instructor: “you won’t pass unless you take the goddam...

DK1001580Jun 10
Lie to Me Poem

~ Lie to Me ~Do you care? Now tell me ~ Don't Lie! Lol...

JimEee28510Oct 2018May 31
Night adventure Poem

Night adventureJust an attempt to write something funny...

salamuna1196May 27May 27
The Horse Clinician Poem

The Horse ClinicianLast Fall my beloved and I went to go watch our neighbor who trains horses, and he recounted to us his feelings on the whole thing. This is a tellin...

ReaderOfSouls953May 19May 20
Ten Little Boyfriends Poem

Ten Little BoyfriendsJust a fun poem based on TEN LITTLE INDIANS....

JoyCrest2094Apr 26May 19
Be Twixed Poem

Be-TwixedHow do you like your chocolate?...

LADYCOUNTESS1071May 16May 16
On the lighter side of Mothering Sunday Poem

On the lighter side of Mothering Sunday !Please see the funny side this time as usually I'm too serious. Peace the virgosign...

virgosign4738May 2013May 9

the devil's trianglespiralling debauchery the pit in which I fell tis fiendishly amoral the tale of which I'll tell I dreamt of tax accountancy but my parents had...

yachtsman_71675May 4May 4
Online Dating Poem

Online DatingA fun tale about the trouble with online dating....

justarius2275Feb 12Apr 24
On and On and On She Goes Poem

On and On and On She GoesI must be a terrible person....

doglover1425112Apr 21Apr 24
knock knock Poem

knock, knock. .just dropping by just going to sleep sorry too tired to read your lovely poems coz been spending more time in the gym. . maybe Sunday ill read...

morgen9021055514Mar 2013Apr 20

WORD OF THE DAY CHALLENGEJazzy's "Word of the Day Challenge"! Will be extremely happy if you make any sense of it....

marikia71414Oct 2011Apr 19
Damaged goods Poem

Damaged goodsA lil something lol...

madtat2944116Jul 2013Apr 19
Simple Pleasures Poem

Simple PleasuresA Fantastical look at this marvelous world we inhabit and the simple pleasures that abound if we only took the time to notice....

justarius1942Feb 28Apr 18
Round and Round Poem

Round and RoundA thought on life...

justarius1818Mar 31Apr 18
Toilet power Dad growls Poem

Toilet power, Dad growlsYou know me ... And my quicky lines ....Ha ha ha...

morgen9021031019Aug 2019Mar 21
Mirror Mirror on the Wall Poem

Mirror Mirror on the WallI look in the mirror and what do I see Surely that image cannot be me My eyes are still blue and my hair is still blonde Of those little wrinkles I...

Buffybear4852Apr 2011Feb 16
Clearance rack Poem

Clearance rackOverheard this sorting through the clearance rack...

yaspark28312Jan 29Feb 3
Rachael_06221530Dec 27
My Way Poem

My WayI always felt the lust flowing thru my veins Talking in my head sometimes driving me insane It's the power of the road that seems to take hold...

Happygolucky4u1,15418May 2014Nov 2019
Happy Halloweenie Poem

Happy HalloweenieHappy Halloweenie To > You > Too Booooooooo)))...

PassionateArtist1151Oct 2019Oct 2019
Vicky Poem

VickyThe Landing Strip Is Now Open...

PassionateArtist1662Oct 2019Oct 2019
IF Poem

IFSometime there are a lot of "ifs" in our life)))...

salamuna45521Sep 2019Oct 2019
Bunny Poem

BunnyI often write poetry some are witty, others are of feelings that I felt at the time of writing the poem....

Licklelegs1723Aug 2019Sep 2019
THE F word Poem

THE F-wordfreedom is learning out of education time essential for knowledge....

tebogo97950Sep 2019
A Bull Story Poem

A Bull StoryJust a little bit of bull dust....

Macduff51533Aug 2019Sep 2019
captain morgan worse poem ever challange Poem

captain morgan (worse poem ever challange)hope this made the grade of the stupid poems. lol.....

kickit2262613May 2012Aug 2019
The tale of Ancient Bull untold Poem

The tale of Ancient Bull untold ...Strange i'm writing about my self ...suppose to be title Ghost writer but somehow morph into this ....

morgen9021061914Nov 2012Aug 2019
farewell BMW Poem

farewell BMWWell I took a heavy spill and I royally broke a part of my head I wrote off my motorcycle and I spent three months in a bed well she was go...

walRU2173Aug 2019Aug 2019

CRUEL RAINIts rained for days i'm locked in...

EXRED23014Aug 2019Aug 2019
The Fly and the Screwdriver Poem

The Fly and the ScrewdriverToday's Mixers Monday It appears I have comp'ny This fly in my room Must want to confront me He fusses and buzzes Annoying and bold While I pl...

K_Ann_703867Aug 2017Aug 2019
Poisoning Pigions in the Park Poem

Poisoning Pigions in the ParkA shortened version of Tom Lehrer's famous song, thought of it because yesterday was the first day of spring, and I saw rain and a few robins, no pigi...

mcradloff5094Mar 2011Aug 2019

Rattlesjust some black humour!!...

trurorob1,43945Jan 2011Jul 2019

MY NEW GARDENObservations making my new garden grow for birds and ME...

EXRED34421Jun 2019Jul 2019
Ugly Critters Poem

Ugly CrittersI put it under Humor ,though I'm not laughing!...

rusticbink7177Sep 2015Jul 2019
Shy guys Poem

Shy guys.Don't be shy.. Just say hi.. I don't bite. ??...

Arisra1381Jul 2019Jul 2019

SorrySorry,the sky isn’t blue Sorry ,no hugs for you. Sorry,I lied Sorry,I have to hide . Sorry, you attacked me Sorry, I slapped you. Sorry, you...

Abby196335011Jun 2019Jun 2019

No More Sad PoemsNo need for sad poems A millionaire is not going to give me money To brighten up my life And make all my days be sunny The rich have jets and ya...

EyeLook4U1863Jun 2019Jun 2019
Steve 1223 look for long time woman Poem

Steve 1223 look for long time womanTribute to Steve's 'NICE LADY' poem..sooo funny.....

cafetwo20105045Nov 2012Jun 2019

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2020. All rights reserved.

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