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Loss / Death Poems (1,088)

Here is a list of Loss / Death Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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A September Day TributeTribute to all those loss September 11, 2001...

godsprincess1,80817Sep 2015Sep 13

GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!1. The Commander & Chief of Heaven is tired of men all over the world telling Him & His Son to GET OUT! 2. None of U men can get God out of this...

israelismine681Sep 7Sep 9

Piece Of MindIt was 12-4-92 when I wrote this. Being towards very much more songwriter than poet, I started out loosely with this and it all took form. Odd as it s...

DiggableHippy49631Sep 4Sep 5

Farewell but not GoodbyeMy final words for my mother which will forever endure as the written word remains long after we do...

irisheyes11105Aug 30Sep 1
Christmas wont be Christmas Poem

Christmas won't be ChristmasJust feeling kind of down this time of year, since I lost my husband. Wasn't sure I wanted to post it, but just had to get my feelings out.....

QuietStormF51914Dec 2018Aug 16
early light Poem

early lightfor my wife of 40 years that died on 30/4...

alfred_tennyson410Jul 18
Time Poem

TimeThe clock chimes the hour Time ticks bye Seconds become minutes Minutes become that hour Time ticks bye slowly ticking bye time now gone now sto...

wayne34851Jun 14Jun 15

Absent..Just a short poem to show respect to writers that have left us. Some have sadly died and others have left for their own personal reasons. It's always...

Mizzy443522May 5Jun 11

Lament for a C/S Poetess.This is written in memory of Christina.... ( Pseudonym Odette67), a C/S Poetess who graced this corner for years with special poetry and honest criti...

Mizzy460636Dec 2020Jun 6

Song CCCXXIXTranslation from the Russian language edition of Petrarch’s “Song Book”, Song CCCXXIX On April 6, 1327, after Petrarch gave up his vocation as a pr...

marikia5524Apr 2011May 17
Deaths Opus Poem

Death's OpusHere, On the other side of the page where lost days go, where lost poems go, where forgotten dreams are breaking up like morning fog. Go........

snowcoveredmuse23082Jul 2018May 14
YES Poem

YESMy belated mom was a very special to me ... whatever she did, however she reacted with my attitudes, why she did this and that, oftenly ... I can't fi...

Gamagara6905Dec 2016May 7
Dogs Poem

DogsWatching Eight Below which about sled dogs who help rescue a scientist and then their care giver goes back to rescue them in Antarctica....

mcradloff1478Mar 19Mar 22
Serenity Poem

SerenityThis poem is about losing someone dear to your heart and finding the strength in the little that is salvaged,,, and the light that shines way after yo...

Sweetnlovely731955Mar 10Mar 12
Rush Limbaugh Poem

Rush LimbaughRush has a good song on Obama called Barack O Claus is Coming To Town by Paul Shanklin...

mcradloff2251Feb 19Feb 20

ANGEL CAFESeptember 2020: It has been 3 years since you left Poetry Corner for eternity in Heaven with our Lord and Savior. We miss you dearly Cafe. Date you...

godsprincess2,85879Oct 2017Jan 30
Knight Rules Poem

Knight RulesThis poem was inspired by the poetic life of Café Jim (cafetwo2010) and godsprincess' ANGEL CAFE tribute to him. Sir Thomas Lemuel Hawke of Cornwal...

gnj4u59512Oct 2017Jan 28

A FRIEND HAS DIEDIn remembrance of Doloris O'riordan...

justarius1572Nov 2020Nov 2020
Poppy Poem

PoppyPoppy's lined in rows Thier petals flutter in the light winds they flutter in the silent breeze Thier red petals glow Remember them the fall...

wayne341290Oct 2020

She had sent a letter, she said20 years later I still cry......

FargoFan1310Sep 2020

I SEE MY FATHERIt has been 4 years since my father passed away. People achieve their immortality by living in the memories of their surviving friends & family. My fa...

TUPLDRF6718Jul 2012Aug 2020
Just Mick Poem

Just.......MickThis is not my attempt at a poem....just s few simple word's I felt I had to put on acknowledge the untimely passing away of a dear friend...

TadhgusMaximus5739Nov 2014Aug 2020
Desire of a Flower Poem

Desire of a FlowerI wrote this a few years after my wife died back in the late 90's. The words speak for themselves....

lonnieray1301Jul 2020Jul 2020

PEACESad reflection of our world...

Happychatty11,01911Mar 2019Jun 2020
MysteriousGirl807982Jun 2020Jun 2020

WATER, WIND AND ASHI think of then as I force this pen Into empty words of current ken Of mice and men And scores and ten The man was a bo...

Australopithecus9363Jun 2020Jun 2020

RETURN OF YESTERDAYWell - this poem could really relate to what is going on right now in the world. Many are losing loved ones to the COVID-19! Prayers for all dealing...

godsprincess58420Mar 2020May 2020

The Old Oak TreeThe old Oak tree was in pretty bad shape. It had been hit by lightning in 78. Kids climbed on it and broke some branches. About 50 feet aw...

ooby_dooby9559Jun 2012Apr 2020
Broken pieces Poem

Broken piecesLong ago I Fell In love with you Never did I think You would leave me My heart is bruised and broken Everyone says get over you And Move o...

Abby19631,61421Oct 2015Feb 2020
Dad Died Yesterday Poem

Dad Died YesterdayThis is about my dad who I miss a lot....

mcradloff41614Dec 2019Jan 2020
The Journey Poem

The JourneySome literary and mythic allusions in this one. When Theseus destroyed the Minotaur he returned to Athens by ship. The signal was that if he had white...

Macduff587520Jun 2016Dec 2019

GENEVIEVEi wrote this for my baby genevieve, who i call genna.yesterday, she was run over by a real sicko. and she was walking on the white line.i never had a...

WILDANDREADY2647Nov 2019Nov 2019
Watch Poem

WatchIt was all me and my true love and now she has gone....

surfer467304Apr 2012Nov 2019
Wolves Poem

WolvesWolves are synonyms for events and figures that marked my being. I became inexplicable fearless. Thanks to those hungry beasts that had primal aim t...

AutumnChild4652Oct 2019Oct 2019
08 16 18 Poem

08/16/18** I will She'd my tears for you, I will hold on to each and every precious moment we've shared! In My Heart You will always Live! This is not "Good...

RadiantFirefly1550Oct 2019
You again Poem

You againWhen he didnt say goodbye...

Lindzi2192Sep 2019Oct 2019
Going Under Poem

Going UnderEven in death... you still hold on...

Sweetnlovely732222Sep 2019Sep 2019

Wading the Waters of LetheLittle is noticed, less remembered. Not completely written down, and cut at the templates. What is not burned is wholly lost but for the mention in...

Caprikious1920Sep 2019
The Parade Poem

The ParadeI have been to three parades so far this year. I may see three more this year yet....

mcradloff2111Sep 2019Sep 2019
A Reminder Pain never says goodbye Poem

A Reminder (Pain never says goodbye)seeing the turmoil my mum is facing, the impending doom she is feeling, lost and a neglected woman, I can't pacify nor console her. . . she's g...

morgen9021066726Mar 2014Aug 2019
The Darkest Rose Poem

The Darkest RoseSuch is an emptiness now found in the New England woods this time of year. Visting the grave of my mother, this sonnet is very darkly reflective of my...

Yankee4you70417Nov 2012Jul 2019
City Reality Poem

City RealityBusy day in a busy city and it just came to me....

AnnyBee12283Jul 2019Jul 2019

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