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Loss / Death Poems (1,049)

Here is a list of Loss / Death Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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In the paradise of my thoughts Poem

In the paradise of my thoughtsOriginaly writen in Romanian word, but translated with the help o AI, i hope you will like it, thank you for your time...

yonik19881704Apr 21Apr 24
The Vanishing Poem

The Vanishingthe poetry is part of my book called " the souls capturing city " it was originaly writen in Romanian, but i have translated it with the help an AI ho...

yonik19881946Apr 16Apr 17
Your American Dream Was Stolen From You Poem


Israelis1223310Feb 2

PEACESad reflection of our world...

Happychatty11,40015Mar 2019Jan 14
One more loss Poem

One more lossanother painful loss We lost our dog right before the new year . I hope he feels better and calmer THERE...

salamuna50311Jan 2Jan 8
Vanity Poem

VanityIt talks about inevitability of death and old age...

Unknown3143Nov 30Dec 1
Lest We Forget Poem

Lest We ForgetIntrospection on Remembrance Sunday, lest we forget....

Angeldancer1972Nov 12Nov 13
Where is your love God Poem

Where is your love , God?no need to explain.. I guess...just my feelings....

salamuna4929Oct 16Oct 22
To Build or not to Build Poem

To Build or not to BuildMy poem nothing it's come only in my mind.Because I'm only passing by in my own account...

Shoelace293-Oct 4
Grieving Poem

GrievingGrieving from the Grave by Criostior....

livelife12343483Jul 2023Jul 2023
Opportunity Poem

OpportunityOpportunity knocks, embrace its call, Unleash your dreams, stand tall. With courage as your guiding light, Embrace the chance, seize the fight....

Unknown1613Jun 2023Jun 2023
You were to young to leave Poem

You were to young to leaveYou were so weary God put his arms around you You gently slipped away That’s the day you were taking to your new home while holding Gods hands...

Abby196344110Jul 2022Jun 2023
Piece Of Mind Poem

Piece Of MindIt was 12-4-92 when I wrote this. Being towards very much more songwriter than poet, I started out loosely with this and it all took form. Odd as it s...

DiggableHippy494833Sep 2021Apr 2023
Paladins minute Poem

Paladins minuteHeard it on a Tv show in the 80s it has stuck with me ever since, Sums up about everything really....

Tnecniv641701Apr 2023Apr 2023
Farewell but not Goodbye Poem

Farewell but not GoodbyeMy final words for my mother which will forever endure as the written word remains long after we do...

irisheyes14376Aug 2021Mar 2023
The inky grey Poem

The inky greyslice of life...

Oceanzest4633Jan 2023Feb 2023
Games and life Poem

Games and life!Such games prevail, but sadness reigns, the Show must go on, be what they want you to be, And then, finally you see, too late, it’s over, Oh such g...

optimisticme5944Dec 2022Dec 2022
A journey we all eventually must take Poem

A journey we all eventually must takeFor someone close I know who is close to leaving for her final journey....

Knightmare614294Oct 2022Nov 2022
Cirque des morts Poem

Cirque des mortslittle bizarre thoughts came over me...

Oceanzest2381Oct 2022Oct 2022
Gone Poem

Gone…It’s all gone....

Didi73000Oct 2022
Suffer the little children to come unto me Matt 19 14 Poem

“Suffer the little children to come unto me..”Matt.:19-14I know it’s late but I had to say something. I hear responsible gun owners and the majority of Americans want gun legislation that prevents this daily...

Joseph11123493Jun 2022Sep 2022
thoughts Poem

thoughtsalone after loss...

bfb222512Aug 2022Aug 2022
Ghost of Brotherhood Poem

Ghost of BrotherhoodA glimpse into the psychological torment people endure for years after a loved one commits suicide. The pain it causes (for me at least) can be best d...

SchylerSilvey2660Aug 2022
Little Cans Poem

Little Cansa boy who got someone he loved or her mom's died but he doesn't know what happened to her... and in the end he become a grown up man who already faced...

Unknown2081Aug 2022Aug 2022
Loves last moment Poem

Loves last momentEyes swelling becoming tearful spilling over tear drops fall. Words failing lips open unable to speak emotions choking. Hands tremble fin...

CelticWitch644151Jul 2022Jul 2022

Loneliness Up For SalePoetry is more about feelings than words that convey them as much as nostalgia works in our inner minds,...

Yankee4you3782Jul 2022Jul 2022
SHE Poem

SHEAn ode to my Mother....

Didi73047Jun 2022Jul 2022
Should I Poem

Should I…?I wonder..after death, would we want to remember our old life?...

Didi72472Jul 2022Jul 2022
Same old story Poem

Same old story!A Winter's day in Summer, A Summer's day in Winter, A promise kept, A promise broken, A pact un-kept, A love unspoken, Different days, and differ...

optimisticme2162Jun 2022Jun 2022
Launch Complex 34 Poem

Launch Complex 34On January 27, 1967, NASA astronauts Virgil I. Grissom, Edward H. White, II, and Roger B. Chaffee were aboard an Apollo spacecraft and Saturn IB rocke...

Unknown2044Jun 2022Jun 2022
The Old Oak Tree Poem

The Old Oak TreeThe old Oak tree was in pretty bad shape. It had been hit by lightning in 78. Kids climbed on it and broke some branches. About 50 feet aw...

ooby_dooby1,34211Jun 2012Jun 2022
Im Poem

ImI wanted a room with a view Im here and Im you I came from before Im here forevermore I told you who you are Im here never far I know you...

optimisticme1980May 2022
Fly solo Poem

Fly soloWe went fishing after my Godpa passed away this September. I went fishing with my Godmother as that was the way she wanted to remember him. They love...

summercold3583Nov 2021May 2022
Didi72420May 2022
Questions just questions answers to follow Poem

Questions , just questions, answer's to follow!What will you do when the doing is done?, what will you do when the race is won? who will you be?, what will you see,,... ......eternity?...

optimisticme2850May 2022
The Old Man Poem

The Old Man!The old man left our house, took my car and drove away, I was twenty one, I remember to this day, There was no goodbye, there was no adieu, there...

optimisticme2303May 2022May 2022
No guarantee Poem

No guarantee!Tomorrow will always come after today ends Tomorrow WILL be with or without you or me Today is where we are at right now No guarantee of tomorrow...

optimisticme1970May 2022
Are we i wonder Poem

Are we i wonder?Honesty and integrity are the ideal of what we should be, truthfulness and clarity are what we should see, are we a minus or a plus, we won't make a f...

optimisticme2632Apr 2022May 2022
Where were you Poem

Where were you?Where were you when Kennedy died? Where were you when Simpson lied? Where were you when you realised? Where were you?...

optimisticme1980May 2022
Again Poem

Again!And still we repeat, still we retreat, until we're backed into a corner, only then will the battle for survival become the host of a new revival, new...

optimisticme2130Apr 2022
Today Poem

Today!How do we feel today?, too overwhelming for anyone to say, regression, depression, fear just being here? Confused? Refused the right to live, to give,...

optimisticme2270Mar 2022
I woke Poem

I woke!I woke today, just like yesterday, but with winters rain against my window pane, on this summers day, was wrong!, , no sunlight shadow crossed my bedr...

optimisticme2121Mar 2022Mar 2022

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