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Loss / Death Poems (1,080)

Here is a list of Loss / Death Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Just Mick Poem

Just.......MickThis is not my attempt at a poem....just s few simple word's I felt I had to put on acknowledge the untimely passing away of a dear friend...

TadhgusMaximus4818Nov 2014Aug 5

Desire of a FlowerI wrote this a few years after my wife died back in the late 90's. The words speak for themselves....

lonnieray651Jul 24Jul 24

PEACESad reflection of our world...

Happychatty193811Mar 2019Jun 30
MysteriousGirl806912Jun 25Jun 27

WATER, WIND AND ASHI think of then as I force this pen Into empty words of current ken Of mice and men And scores and ten The man was a bo...

Australopithecus7333Jun 21Jun 21

RETURN OF YESTERDAYWell - this poem could really relate to what is going on right now in the world. Many are losing loved ones to the COVID-19! Prayers for all dealing...

godsprincess48620Mar 11May 29
The Old Oak Tree Poem

The Old Oak TreeThe old Oak tree was in pretty bad shape. It had been hit by lightning in 78. Kids climbed on it and broke some branches. About 50 feet aw...

ooby_dooby8429Jun 2012Apr 15
Christmas wont be Christmas Poem

Christmas won't be ChristmasJust feeling kind of down this time of year, since I lost my husband. Wasn't sure I wanted to post it, but just had to get my feelings out.....

QuietStormF38113Dec 2018Feb 25

Broken piecesLong ago I Fell In love with you Never did I think You would leave me My heart is bruised and broken Everyone says get over you And Move o...

Abby19631,53621Oct 2015Feb 19
Dad Died Yesterday Poem

Dad Died YesterdayThis is about my dad who I miss a lot....

mcradloff31614Dec 22Jan 25

ShelterSilences will always be my salutary shrine. My holy grail that heals without real treatment. Synonyms for precious moments of pure peace and deserve...

AutumnChild2862Dec 24Jan 4

ANGEL CAFESeptember 2019: It has been now 2 years since you left Poetry Corner for eternity in Heaven with our Lord and Savior. We miss you dearly Cafe. Sept...

godsprincess2,39374Oct 2017Dec 31
The Journey Poem

The JourneySome literary and mythic allusions in this one. When Theseus destroyed the Minotaur he returned to Athens by ship. The signal was that if he had white...

Macduff581420Jun 2016Dec 13

GENEVIEVEi wrote this for my baby genevieve, who i call genna.yesterday, she was run over by a real sicko. and she was walking on the white line.i never had a...

WILDANDREADY1877Nov 2019Nov 2019

AsphyxiaAsphyxia-condition of many complex,afflicted mental suffocations that tragedies can bring. This would be my definition of depicted term settled into...

AutumnChild2040Nov 2019
Watch Poem

WatchIt was all me and my true love and now she has gone....

surfer466624Apr 2012Nov 2019

WolvesWolves are synonyms for events and figures that marked my being. I became inexplicable fearless. Thanks to those hungry beasts that had primal aim t...

AutumnChild2892Oct 2019Oct 2019
08 16 18 Poem

08/16/18** I will She'd my tears for you, I will hold on to each and every precious moment we've shared! In My Heart You will always Live! This is not "Good...

RadiantFirefly1100Oct 2019
You again Poem

You againWhen he didnt say goodbye...

Lindzi1622Sep 2019Oct 2019
Going Under Poem

Going UnderEven in death... you still hold on...

Sweetnlovely731542Sep 2019Sep 2019
Wading the Waters of Lethe Poem

Wading the Waters of LetheLittle is noticed, less remembered. Not completely written down, and cut at the templates. What is not burned is wholly lost but for the mention in...

Caprikious1400Sep 2019

DepthsDepths hide so many secrets known only to themselves. And no one really knows what exists in that expanse of inner dimension. With all those undiscl...

AutumnChild2412Sep 2019Sep 2019
The Parade Poem

The ParadeI have been to three parades so far this year. I may see three more this year yet....

mcradloff1441Sep 2019Sep 2019
A Reminder Pain never says goodbye Poem

A Reminder (Pain never says goodbye)seeing the turmoil my mum is facing, the impending doom she is feeling, lost and a neglected woman, I can't pacify nor console her. . . she's g...

morgen9021059726Mar 2014Aug 2019

The Darkest RoseSuch is an emptiness now found in the New England woods this time of year. Visting the grave of my mother, this sonnet is very darkly reflective of my...

Yankee4you62817Nov 2012Jul 2019

YESMy belated mom was a very special to me ... whatever she did, however she reacted with my attitudes, why she did this and that, oftenly ... I can't fi...

Gamagara5744Dec 2016Jul 2019
City Reality Poem

City RealityBusy day in a busy city and it just came to me....

AnnyBee11683Jul 2019Jul 2019

the fall from graceWhen CS becomes too real...

Nice2meetyoutoo3006Jun 2019Jul 2019

The Smell of DeathThe smell of the lake in late fall.....when the waters turn very many organisms die....and decay before the ice comes......

Yankee4you63810Oct 2011Jun 2019

The Last CallBehind the black curtain She sits in a chair Waiting for her name to be called As she sits and waits night time falls the halls have been cle...

Abby196345425Apr 2019Jun 2019
Mirage Poem

MirageIt happened to me few days ago while keeping in hand a frosty glass of wine...a real feeling my father was near me.......................................

salamuna31214May 2019Jun 2019
I see tombstones Poem

I see tombstonesGoing to visit my Godfather buried in Dickeyville, my grandparents on my Dad's side, my two uncles, my sisters who are also buried in Dubuque, Iowa....

mcradloff1726May 2019Jun 2019

Requiem For YouthDeath has so many shapes. She is synonym for total disappearance. Or maybe transition to some better place after earthly existence....

AutumnChild2756May 2019May 2019
Transitions Poem

TransitionsMy father died on May 30th, 1990 while I was still in my teens yet I wrote this in 2004 or 2005 when I worked on Cruise ships and inspired to write....

wrenaud2622May 2018May 2019

BrokenMy poem speaks about things that happened and marked the most important aspect of existence. Line of the soul. And now instead of that full circle s...

AutumnChild2622May 2019May 2019

SITTING IN MY DECKCHAIR (2)I viewed the world's life With my own, with untold strife Full of joys and pain both We are in unison, betrothed Neither could put wron...

EXRED2072May 2019May 2019

Kiwi LossWritten in sympathy for the 50 who were mercilessly gunned down and for their friends, families and fellow New Zealanders who suffer these overwhelmin...

gnj4u28411Mar 2019May 2019

HAUNTING SEARCHDifferent to the types of subjects I normally write about. Up late one night ......

Skye52040Apr 2019
Bill Bumdamn Poem

Bill BumdamnI was reading the obituraries the other day and noticed most don't give the cause of death and never tell anything bad about the deceased....

mcradloff1770Apr 2019
My Dog Poem

My DogI made order in the attic and found my dog's collar. It still has her smell...i started to cry realising how much i was missing that poem...

salamuna53124Nov 2018Mar 2019

PRAYER TO THE GRAVEI wrote this after my girlfriend died some years ago. i went through a bad stage in my life after it for a while. steve...

TASAL6576Jul 2010Mar 2019

THE FIELDThis was ghost written one night ,I've never been in a war but whoever wrote this through me has . I awoke and was compelled to write it which took 5...

007Loverman1430Feb 2019

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