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Lost Love Poems (2,736)

Here is a list of Lost Love Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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The NoteSelf explanatory, I hope, like the note!...

trurorob2,16257Jun 2016Jul 15
Lest we Forget Poem

Lest we ForgetImagine the picture perfect cottage with roses growing around the door and love that once dwelt within now sadly faded, the packing of cases, the feel...

Sunbeam76914Jun 16Jun 20

Rivers of my FaceAt my age this is fairly accurate. I am on a sabbatical from my novel because I need to write some new poetry, not much, but one now and again to refr...

trurorob3,55689Dec 2013Jun 14

the wild swan of blackrockdown by the cold sea there lives a wild swan who floats high on the harbour till all tides are gone all alone in this world she sails by her leave...

yachtsman_71798Jun 6Jun 13
Ray of love Poem

Ray of loveA small ray of light can brighten up the universe. Felt the warmth:felt the love Only dawn:for a brief period So bleak yet it shines through darkn...

chic0091,01318Nov 2018Jun 9
I Got You Singing Poem

I Got You SingingThis was sent to me by a dear friend of mine who is in another dimension....

AI_19841436May 31Jun 2
no picture Poem

no pictureI am a member of several dating sites . and it really gets to me when you get a profile that says no picture no message . it's not so much on here thi...

Leibherr5801050May 30
A Thousand Goodbye Poem

A Thousand GoodbyeA peaceful breakup by my boyfriend...the moment of feelings that I felt then....

Simfj2378Mar 10May 28

Sex Addict (Advice to a Young Man)Young man I see you now with the vanity of Adonis Your insecure and h*rny - of that I can you promise Your testosterone spills over - and has run am...

lovecanbereal8143Feb 2016May 22
Full Moon Poem

Full MoonWaiting here all alone , sitting on the sofa with my phone Since you left me as your precious stone Never know why our love hasn't grown Nights...

Unknown960May 19

FALSE LOVELife.....People....Places...... Things.........

SUMMIT09760May 17
Angel in transition Poem

Angel in transitionSweet fragrant bouquet Impregnated and impressed upon the bed linen He has returned home yet his aroma lingers Enrapturing sensations Of w...

LADYCOUNTESS3954Dec 2017May 16

A Heart Shaped StoneWe are not made immortal and maybe neither is a stone.....unless it is a beautiful gemstone......and it would surely outlive us.......and still be hel...

Yankee4you23810May 2May 9
Sound of Angels Poem

Sound of AngelsMy grandfather's account of a friend's death. This is my interpretation....

ReaderOfSouls58110Nov 2010Apr 29

old cars and rusted heartsthe cafe was closing and the air was darker than age Mary was fixing her order and her world had become like a cage will you still se...

yachtsman_721911Apr 14Apr 28

SILENT CLUES.....can love be rekindled...

niah979412Apr 2016Apr 28
Alone Poem

AloneThis is about letting go when you know it is the right thing to do....

justarius1843Feb 7Apr 24
Distance Poem

DistanceDreamin' for a no ordinary love....

cheesecake891090Apr 24

MAKE ME SWEAT OR NOT!Crazy thoughts continue...

kle76am1144Apr 10Apr 19

(I Guess) She Doesn't Love Me Any More....Another written as a song... Old country style... Was written for the ONE who I found and lost....

Geriatrix25587Oct 2017Apr 10
painful Poem

painfulloneliness runs out throught my hands.marking my fingers and palms with the scars of a deep love that I could not hold on to....

Unknown4454Aug 2013Apr 8
Did you let her go Poem

~Did you let her go~Did you ever have the feeling That was the best you ever had Did you help it feel good Or did it get there All By itself. It's said life's n...

Bentlee1,1566Dec 2015Apr 4

My First Time* Sydney's "red light" district. ** (I'm being ironic here - not exactly the "cradle of civilization"). *** YOTS = Well known Sydney Christian...

lovecanbereal6356Jun 2016Mar 30
You are every woman to me Poem

You are every woman to meYou are every woman to me And sure as the sky's above No other woman can I see No other woman will I love I see you on the street I see you at...

ooby_dooby6106Nov 2010Mar 28
Mothers earth Poem

Mothers earthIts time to love and not to cry .its time give and not to take .it time to think .of mother earth .and be there for each other .no Mather. the race or...

50shadesofgray1040Feb 29
Lost Poem

LostThis was extremely difficult to write. I wrote this because I often think of my last girlfriend and how the relationship evolved and ended. I made a g...

justarius1872Feb 25Feb 26
A dropple of rain Poem

~A dropple of rain~Did you ever gaze the stars When the sun was out Did you blow a gentle breeze While the air was still Did you hold that special moment that not...

Bentlee56316Apr 2017Feb 24

Frozen Porn StarsTheir moments of passion;- Caught for all Eternity. Digitized; And held up endlessly;- For the world to view. What was Lust;- Now an endless...

lovecanbereal2428Feb 17Feb 23
The Dreams Poem

The DreamsRemembering my high school sweetheart....

justarius1480Feb 16
Eternal Breath Poem

Eternal Breath.This poem was written 38 years ago after my Love had died In the States. I would have taken her eternal breath Into me and she would have dwelt within...

weemick19601,49728Aug 2014Feb 12
The Call Poem

The CallI received a call from my Ex girlfriend and it stirred old feelings. This explores some of those feelings....

justarius1580Feb 11
Love Is Poem

Love IsMy ex girl friend although we parted friends chose to neglect a promise made.I told her I don't think she understood love. She responded referring to...

justarius1440Feb 9
This Empty Soul Poem

This Empty SoulI wrote this for a beautiful mother, a beautiful wife, an awesome singer who is going through a lot at the moment. When another woman pours her heart...

orientalkoru3329Aug 2019Feb 3
What If Poem

What IfI am in a restaurant and see people consumed with their cell phone and wondered how many opportunities are missed....

justarius1512Jan 28Jan 29
Moving On Poem

Moving OnA lady I dated for about a year and a half Is moving away. She was the first lady I dated after the break up of my abusive marriage. She showed me ho...

justarius1554Jan 16Jan 29
One Last Time Poem

One Last TimeDuring my time with a lady I dated for a while I became part a her core group of friends. When she decided to move away we gathered to say our farewel...

justarius1465Jan 16Jan 29

Poem for MeganFor seven years I've longed for your love, That's deep and blue as the ocean's bliss - As winged she flies - a lonely dove - Through the storm's ey...

lovecanbereal1,24913Dec 2015Jan 21
The Ultimate Prize Poem

The Ultimate PrizeTime squandered in waiting for a lover to return. So take the courageous step to move on in search of someone new. Time waits for no one and soon...

Ieremia931Jan 20Jan 21
Wahkan1161Jan 9Jan 9
A Single Rose Poem

A Single RoseMy Heart was so broken by lost love that I felt Angels trying to comfort me. But even they couldn't help and cried with me....

RockinPoet1182Dec 30Jan 6
Now Poem

NowThe setting sun caresses curtains eyelashes heavy from kisses black night insomnia. Just like your lips used to be and hands wading on my body...

makatka1310Dec 10

I THOUGHTThe man who inspired this one still has not seen it. Interesting how one person can inspire us in many ways. Is that what love is meant to do? I gu...

smallworlds6677Jul 2012Dec 8

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