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Lost Love Poems (2,780)

Here is a list of Lost Love Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Can you live without me Poem

Can you live without meIs it merely a poem that I love writing I love riding poems are at least expressing palms I'm also a philosopher of life I believe in things that may...

James4998521Sep 5Sep 12
Mizzy428520Jul 31Sep 11
Evermore Poem

EvermoreOur favourite season, or it was... just not the same, since my husband passed.. God, I miss him!...

QuietStormF745Sep 4Sep 5
Scar on my skin Poem

Scar on my skinmy wrists shackled to her feet Laughing at my will breaking a wretch in black lipstick has me without bones I'm crawling she stakes her nails in m...

PDXGuitarHero1941Aug 2019Aug 30
Unknown Solace Poem

Unknown SolaceIt denotes life, nature, a relationship between complexities of the world, and how in the end, all the mind and heart craves for is peace and love whe...

Henry5273851Jul 26Aug 27

What follyHow many 'w's I wonder - no record attempt I assure you. There was a girl... she said 'I like taller and more handsome'! So I just moved on....

FargoFan510Aug 18
Hallelujah Poem

Hallelujahhumming Leonard Cohen's tune I penned some lines...

Oceanzest794Aug 15Aug 15

when first I heard your voiceLife! Who you love and want to love and used to love....

FargoFan530Aug 15

The Last ...Little did I realize ... it was the last hug ... the last kiss ... Whenever I look back, it is something I will still miss ... Though I've become mu...

Islandgirl61711Aug 11Aug 12
2 be or not 2 be Poem

2 be or not 2 bewhat is ?...

realdeal890881Aug 10Aug 12
Remember to forget Poem

Remember to forgetGone we forget Nothing matters Heart content One side cloaked Waiting in distract Never set Holding My friend the hate Alone we met...

jaysone1610Aug 5
realdeal8901105Aug 1Aug 1
bed Poem

bedis now 3 months since my wife amanda died. just writing stuff....

john_keats2021420Jul 28
growing old Poem

growing oldam sad guys cant help it writing crap all the time. wish i was better at it...

alfred_tennyson792Jul 19Jul 20
the river Poem

the riverfor amanda my wife of 40 years who died on 30/4...

alfred_tennyson1005Jul 18Jul 19
time Poem

timefor my wife of 40 years who died on the 30/4...

alfred_tennyson570Jul 18
hope Poem

hopeis what i write now i cant sleep since my wife of 40 years has died....

alfred_tennyson570Jul 18

Why you ghostin?Jeeze, I forgot about this one. When I compile my list of poems to go into my book for publishing, this will be the starting poem....

SEEKINGinger1293Jul 15Jul 17

The Authoritarian Love Administration (KOSHER Lovin; the Forbidden Fruit)This poem is about the 72 year old Chiropractor (who admitted he's my soulmate) who let his family dictate who he CANNOT marry. His oldest daughter (t...

SEEKINGinger890Jul 15
Brokenhearted blues Poem

Brokenhearted blueswriting me some blues...

Oceanzest1256Jul 8Jul 12

Not even the tide,would take her out....I' strange to love lost It has no quarrels with me No mercy at there feet Just relentless no dates Not even.the tide would take me out..........

MissIreland2834Jan 13Jul 5
Simple breakfast for a simple man Poem

Simple breakfast for a simple manGreat expectations in the night out...

Oceanzest1374Jun 26Jun 29

A Lovers Lament..The pain of love.......

Mizzy458421Apr 15Jun 28
Happy Birthday to one who left me Poem

Happy Birthday to one who left meTake me back to first day you said you love me To that wonderful feeling you given to me then Even now you cheated and betrayed that love You still...

extendededdie851Jun 24Jun 24
Only if she knew Poem

Only if she knewIf she only knew If she could just feel What I feel here in my heart She'd know it was real Pure and true right from the start But I'm just a man...

extendededdie330Jun 24
You never was my angel Poem

You never was my angelYou've hurt me like no other Made my heart bleed inside I thought your more than any other But you had inside another Crying in the middle of th...

extendededdie420Jun 24
Empty Poem

Emptyits always a thought,...

carter4555620Jun 15
Loretta Poem

Lorettarunning with the past...

Oceanzest1304Jun 5Jun 9

Some mornings I wokeDon't read too much into it - 5 6 6 1 stanza pattern! make of it what you will....

FargoFan540Jun 9
Only a fool Poem

Only a foolOnly a fool would believe in a dream As she comes to him upon silver streams Only a fool sees such beauty as he sings her a song because he feels...

Unknown3176Feb 20May 10
Forlorn Poem

ForlornThe sky is dark The shdes of dark blue Dwelling in my eyes Swollen with pain The rain shall rejoice For the very drops Fall with my forlorn Th...

bollywood810Apr 23
No one to come Poem

No one to comeI know there is no one to come But I still have my windows open Gazing hopefully Into the distant pathways Where the flowers have fallen I am Ju...

bollywood1252Apr 15Apr 17

The loveThis talk about things in the air...

Bigbayle231191Mar 9Mar 10
Now that you are gone Poem

Now that you are goneNow that you are gone I hear your song Now that I pushed you away for no apparent reason I still see your loving ray with every summer season...

Unknown3057Feb 20Mar 2

Rivers of my FaceAt my age this is fairly accurate. I am on a sabbatical from my novel because I need to write some new poetry, not much, but one now and again to refr...

trurorob3,89292Dec 2013Feb 3
I wish I could talk to you Poem

I wish I could talk to yousometimes you miss talking to people who left your life......

salamuna31410Jan 24Feb 2
Belated love Poem

Belated love..........................

salamuna9577Sep 2018Jan 8
poetry Poem


suleman_khan123970Dec 2020
Ive a pain in my head Poem

I've a pain in my head'I've a pain in my head' Said the suffering Beckford; To her Doctor so dread. 'Oh! what shall I take for't?' Said this Doctor so dread Whose na...

alexandre_aguiar840Dec 2020
Love lost Poem

Love lostI still think of you often I still yearn for your touch My soul finds repose in your arms. I still miss your blue eyes Your laugh and your smil...

theleoqueen781542Dec 2020Dec 2020
This Empty Soul Poem

This Empty SoulI wrote this for a beautiful mother, a beautiful wife, an awesome singer who is going through a lot at the moment. When another woman pours her heart...

orientalkoru44610Aug 2019Dec 2020
Love Poem

LoveI love and lost really to love again Love have no boundaries or no color...

Badassb1551Aug 2020Dec 2020

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