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Lost Love Poems (2,817)

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Patient Poem

PatientFrustration fills my soul, As I search for something whole, Something missing, something true, Something that I only find in you. But you are fa...

Partnern1584Feb 18Mar 21
The waiting Poem

The waitingjust playing around...

Oceanzest1064Mar 8Mar 12
Is love Your First Priority Poem

Is love Your First Priority?Socrates, another nonet....

southmiami43211142Mar 2Mar 9
One for the dog Poem

One for the dogout on the porch the world goes by...

Oceanzest1322Feb 11Feb 23

How then should anger beWords once said but unretractable....

FargoFan1354Feb 18Feb 19
How far should we go Poem

How far should we go?How far should we go to prove our love and loyalty to show? Who or what we call friend when we reached our rope to the end? How often we loved a...

Ninurta1022Jan 31Feb 1

!?I do not know what to do except for loving you but it seems like all my words are not coming through I am so alone in my heart and bone becaus...

FoxyFairy2093Jan 13Jan 23
Nothing seems to be Poem

Nothing seems to beJust tired of the race tired of losing...

Ninurta1121Jan 16Jan 17
Karrol Levy I love you Poem

Karrol Levy I love youMy closest friend who lives farther away than I can stand!...

Joseph11121041Jan 13Jan 15
she chooses not you Poem

she chooses not youspending time with people you dont like doing things that just dont feel right when you cant resist all you best a burning quest nun the les...

jaysone11411Dec 20Jan 7


SUMMIT092002Dec 9Dec 10
Life and love Poem

Life and loveLife & love I do remember my first love At sweet sixteen to seventeen, I didn’t doubt my young lover Until I realised it was all over, Betrayed...

localpoet940Nov 7
A womans perspective by a silly old man Poem

A woman's perspective by a silly old manJust a silly Idea from what women may think about men and maybe it's all wrong and welcome any advice or thoughts to be corrected....

Knightmare611821Oct 22Oct 22

Wished but never hopedJust a love lost, it happens....

FargoFan1242Oct 16Oct 17
Missing you Poem

Missing you.Looking back at a time in my life, and wondering......

Didi71150Sep 2
Dont be sad Poem

Don't be sadToday is the last day I write to you, for you have never replied, my heart has died, and all that I was is lost and gone, My love, my darling, I...

optimisticme2313Aug 31Aug 31
lost and alone Poem

lost and alonewhen someone you trusts cheats and lies to you i guess...

bfb221760Aug 30
Eternal Breath Poem

Eternal Breath.This poem was written 38 years ago after my Love had died In the States. I would have taken her eternal breath Into me and she would have dwelt within...

weemick19601,79035Aug 2014Aug 27
Blown Away Poem

Blown AwayThe promise of all those years Going up in smoke I reach for you hand just once Then watch you slip away Leaving me in my pain Remembering my pa...

Yankee4you6282Apr 2011Aug 25


SUMMIT091322Jul 2022Aug 2
Untitled Poem

UntitledI scream in silence Tattooed in the wisp of Survival I see your betrayal as a sin As I fight for your misplaced love You have left me with this...

Kenij1672Jul 2022Jul 2022
Letting Love Lead Poem

Letting Love LeadI wrote this 6-20-2022. This is a sad, sentimental song that we've all had a taste of, or perhaps still has a taste in our mouth from yesterday's life...

DiggableHippy493442Jun 2022Jun 2022

In winter ...a love departed...

FargoFan1401Jun 2022Jun 2022
Not even the tide would take her out Poem

Not even the tide,would take her out....I' strange to love lost It has no quarrels with me No mercy at there feet Just relentless no dates Not even.the tide would take me out..........

MissIreland4636Jan 2021May 2022
I wish I could talk to you Poem

I wish I could talk to yousometimes you miss talking to people who left your life......

salamuna60718Jan 2021May 2022
Fresh Start Poem

Fresh StartBe part of the future, depart from the past....

Yankee4you5371Apr 2022Apr 2022
Missing you Poem

Missing youIn the poem Missing You, the poet Ramaking follows the tradition of the minstrels, the poets wanderers, belonging to the Middle Age in France,...

Ramaking3991Nov 2018Apr 2022
INFIDELITYTell me lies Poem

INFIDELITY…Tell me liesInfidelity begins with, and is perpetuated through, lies....

Didi71260Apr 2022
Rain drops Poem

Rain drops !This poem emanated from a real life incident the betroth called and shared her loneliness and how much needed him near hear in the hour of darkness an...

humnawaz1390Mar 2022
Remnants Poem

Remnants..Fond memories......

Mizzy431818Jan 2022Mar 2022

Letting Go ... Moving On ...In my mind's eye, when I looked at what should have been our "holding hands" ... I saw that yours had silently released its hold , like mu...

Islandgirl612675Mar 2022Mar 2022
Have you heard Poem

Have you heard...?Love can die for different reasons. Two reasons are the physical loss of a loved one and the emotional loss of a 'once-loved' one. Both can be traumat...

Didi71494Mar 2022Mar 2022
A Word To The Wise Poem

A Word To The WiseI wrote this 3-7-2022. A Word To The Wise is the title I've been working on for over a month or so by different forms of writing it. The song is about...

DiggableHippy492100Mar 2022

there you areA long time friend seen anew....

FargoFan1340Mar 2022
Unrequited Love Poem

Unrequited LoveJust thoughts...

lilygold762308Mar 2022Mar 2022

In Arwen's RequiemTo the story in the Lord of the Rings trilogy that mattered most to a romantic like me. Inspired by the film's brief reference to Arwen's own demise,...

Islandgirl611500Feb 2022

Our Best ... Our Heart ...We can try our best.... like I really do .... But it seems , many times, the one we most badly want, we simply don' t get to keep ... And...

Islandgirl611944Feb 2022Feb 2022
Cherry pie Poem

Cherry pieI wrote this poem after breaking up with a girl friend after living together for three years. One day it ended suddenly and knew it would not the same...

Jocky586264Oct 2017Feb 2022

How did we happenJust so you don't expect romantic too often!...

FargoFan1610Feb 2022
nothing Poem


optimisticme1971Feb 2022Feb 2022
For the Isolated Poem

For the IsolatedThree quatrains, the last two lines of each borrowed from T.S. Eliot's “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.”

Oceanzest1641Feb 2022Feb 2022
No words Poem

No wordsDaddy wont you keep me safe, daddy wont you keep me safe, Im only two, I depend on you, daddy wont you keep me safe. Daddy, please dont walk away, da...

optimisticme1621Jan 2022Jan 2022

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