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Nature Poems (2,042)

Here is a list of Nature Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Autumn Blushes...Inspired by Autumn colours......

Mizzy41319Sep 1210 hrs ago

HEALING NATURE.A scene can change from peaceful to violent.....nature must be respected.......

niah92314Apr 202010 hrs ago
Madman in the hills Poem

Madman in the hillsMadman in the hills...

Oceanzest15211Sep 3Sep 13

SEASONAL CHANGES.Even Covid can't put spring on hold.........

niah9544Sep 11Sep 12
Late Summer Fog Poem

Late Summer FogThe quietness of a morning fog blanketing my rural valley causing such a stillness to overtake all other normal activities....its very peaceful....

Yankee4you5809Aug 2012Sep 10

Royal BallAll the autumn trees decked out in their royal robes of color...

godsprincess1,93040Oct 2015Sep 10

MetamorphosisIn response to 'Butterfly journey'...

FargoFan651Sep 4Sep 4

GOOD BYE SUMMERSummer is waning and Fall is on the way....

godsprincess1,16013Sep 2015Aug 31

Sound 8-26-2021 By Marc "The DiggableHippy" DurhamThe song pertains to a little bit in everyone. The past, present, and future tense of what we had, what we lost, and regaining the strength to live on...

DiggableHippy49880Aug 28
Gritante701Aug 24Aug 25

Song of The Great MotherChanneled poem/song I (we, spirit and I) wrote 7 years ago...

SEEKINGinger680Aug 25
FargoFan550Aug 23

If Kerouacwell what can you say in silence? It speaks itself Don't you think? I do!...

FargoFan773Aug 21Aug 22

WINTER ROSEUpdate 2/5/21: My Winter Rose is buried under 4 - 5 feet of snow!! A beautiful Helleborus niger plant like mine. A/K/A Christmas Rose...

godsprincess1,31239Dec 2016Aug 21

El ParqueIts a peaceful place....

trurorob3,32069May 2015Aug 16

Late winter duskJust an amazingly mild silent winter's disk. No distant shriek of flying fox, no kookaburras proclaiming ownership....

FargoFan531Aug 15Aug 15
Morning haiku Poem

Morning haikustaying by the beach...

Oceanzest1164Aug 7Aug 9
Nuwahri6125812Jul 17Jul 29
Padrone del Mondo Poem

Padrone del MondoPer essere Padrone del Mondo ci vuole poco: Un paio di scarpe robuste quando fa freddo E una camicia larga e lunga quando fa caldo. Poi si deve an...

Eugenia7321693May 18Jul 25
If I were a bird Poem

If I were a bird……..It speaks for itself …….....

Nuwahri611365Jul 23Jul 25
Summer Rains Poem

Summer RainsSometimes we need to be cleansed by the summer rain....

Yankee4you1213Jul 18Jul 20
Strawberry Moon Born In June Poem

Strawberry Moon Born In JuneA sunset followed by a full moon in June....

Yankee4you1558Jul 9Jul 13
Mizzy416011Jul 5Jul 12

Forgotten RealmsThe stresses of being an adult in colonial society...

SEEKINGinger820Jul 11

On taishanJust travel on Ta'shan Tai'an climbing the mountain...

FargoFan582Jun 26Jul 2
Just like that Poem

Just like that……How quick the weather can change ………...

Nuwahri6120113Jun 19Jun 25
Yankee4you1695Jun 18Jun 24
Mizzy420214Jun 14Jun 21

SeasonsIt is indeed winter solstice here Blanket on lap...

FargoFan582Jun 21Jun 21

Winter rainbowsContinuing on the theme of winter solstice - winter is not so bad when there is no snow...

FargoFan620Jun 21
Muir Woods Poem

Muir WoodsHaiKu...

surprizeme931Jun 15Jun 16

CameliasThey are pink, and the shrub is over two metres high. Secateurs wait...

FargoFan782Jun 14Jun 14
Do you feel the breeze Poem

Do you feel the breezeDo you feel the breeze Wind envelopes sways the tree Branches now blown away Dancing in the breeze Birds hold on tight Blown from their peach...

wayne34831May 24May 24

DAFFODILSThis is one of the most famous of Lyric Poetry ever written......

worldwide24658Mar 2017May 23
Spring Poem

Springlife renewed...

shadow195025915Mar 5May 22
Vivo in un posto Poem

Vivo in un posto ...Vivo in un posto dove le onde arrivano sotto la casa. Un giorno sono giocose e piene di simpatia, L’altro giorno sono minacciose e ti sputano in fac...

Eugenia7321412May 18May 19

DOPO DI MEDopo di me voglio che nulla rimanga di me. Bruciatemi, affidate le mie ceneri ad un vento tenero e giudizioso O ad una tempesta amara e disperata....

Eugenia7321041May 18May 18
a three lined poem

a three lined poemThis talks about .... Looking at the autumn sky at dawn. A scenic beauty. As the dawn breaks to a new day, the faint dark night brightens up to a new...

Unknown3845Sep 2018May 13
Silence Molds Clouds All Day Poem

Silence Molds Clouds All Dayinspired by Beatle's: - Julia - Julia, sleeping sand, silent cloud, Touch me, So I sing a song of love, Julia...

surprizeme1061May 3May 3
Natures canvas Poem

Natures canvasFlowing across the street as if doing something so simple as to take a walk. Delighting my eyes with the colors of the rainbow. Music playing as...

Adjhe11031Apr 14Apr 15

A Healing Woodland Stroll...The woodland stimulates my senses. ( Enclosed rhyme scheme.)...

Mizzy426116Mar 25Apr 10
Blossom Poem

BlossomGreen leaf branches stretching The sun's glinting eye Awake the sleeping Barren branch Now blossoms in the sun Bud's open to the glow The r...

wayne341132Mar 27Mar 28

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