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The Secret GladeWithin a forest in a glade, Is Nature's finest green brocade, It's nestled by a secret stream, Inside the mirror of a dream. If I should pause,...

lovecanbereal52717Feb 25Mar 29

ejectioncan happen; what has to go, has to come out...

8Dreams1472Mar 5Mar 10

haiku serenitythe sound of silence its mesmerising nature peaceful and serene...

socrates446694Feb 2021Feb 25
Haiku v Senryu Poem

Haiku v SenryuThe subtle difference between Haiku & Senryu....

Mizzy43767Feb 5Feb 13

Polar BearYou may see him standing, In the white glare of the Sunlight, On wind-blasted panes of ice;- A Winters' Sea compressed, To float across the sal...

lovecanbereal80811Nov 22Jan 29
Mother Nature Speaks Poem

Mother Nature Speaks.Mother Nature is unsettled. Is the world in disbelief ?...

Mizzy492319Sep 27Jan 29
socrates441,36421Jul 2013Jan 13
Raspberries in the lane Poem

Raspberries in the laneThis week I discovered some guerilla gardening in an alley near my house, quite a joy......

Oceanzest2222Jan 8Jan 9

RETIREMENTLife end of the road....

carlamee4026Nov 5Jan 7

Road-Song of the Bandar-Log, Rudyard KiplingFrom "The Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling...

ooby_dooby1820Nov 25
November Frost Poem

November FrostVisions from the old farm....

Yankee4you2411Nov 8Nov 13
My Alpine Meadow Poem

My Alpine MeadowSometimes we need to feel a connection to a sense of place and time....

Yankee4you3167Nov 3Nov 9
Nothing Gold Can Stay Poem

Nothing Gold Can StayNature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank t...

Unknown2283Oct 20Oct 21
In Awe Poem

In AweWritten with a friend in mind and also from personal memories of my own...

Happychatty164410Dec 2018Oct 11
A Beautiful Day Poem

A Beautiful DayOne breezy day suddenly this simple idea came in my mind about the day. I had some sort of tranquil and ecstatic feeling at that time....

pisa_b2474Aug 24Aug 26
Maui Poem

MauiMother Nature can be a cruel thing at times, especially in paradise....

daradloff2474Aug 19Aug 24
Oceanzest1873Aug 19Aug 24
Haiku Poem

Haikujust a few for fun...

Oceanzest2172Aug 18Aug 19

Welcome to the lakelove relaxed swimming in the natural lake...

8Dreams1561Jul 2023Jul 2023
Just Imagine How The Story Goes Poem

Just Imagine How The Story Goes?!Concluded writing this song 7-3 2023. This is another abstract - but is it? I had another name or two for this that I liked better in mind, yet allow...

DiggableHippy492320Jul 2023
Night sculpted Poem

Night sculptedrave on, rave on, got a feeling, go with it...

Oceanzest1721Jun 2023Jul 2023

Beauty and Truth"Beauty is truth, truth beauty,"- that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to -John Keats (Ode on a Grecian Urn) (I wrote this pie...

socrates442622Jun 2023Jun 2023

In the dead night of dayI was gullible then later I was... ripped off,stuck,floored,nailed,defamed,ridiculed and more. People suck....

Fadedbluejeans1804Jun 2023Jun 2023
The silver back of midnight Poem

The silver back of midnightJust a thought come to mind...

Oceanzest2574Jun 2023Jun 2023
Softly Falls The Rain Poem

Softly Falls The RainReflections of a cool summer day in New England...

Yankee4you2153Jun 2023Jun 2023
waterfall Poem

waterfallRipple of water cascades follows the river bank ebbs and flows the jagged rocks cascades down burrows From simple flows the stream widens an...

wayne342411Jun 2023Jun 2023

Jacaranda trees at nightThe purple petals darken in the gloaming;- In their flowered elegance, belles' dresses, Fall in a slowly darkling Summer night;- To the fecund loam...

lovecanbereal4345Sep 2022Jun 2023
When Nothingness Matters Poem

When Nothingness MattersThis sonnet is written as a sublime portals of slightly warmer runoff water enters a slowly swollen stream just beginning to rise with the coming of t...

Yankee4you7279Feb 2013Jun 2023

The Land Where The Cowgirl GrowsLife can only be best described in rhyme spoken by a woman who lives in the West....

ReaderOfSouls1,0536Aug 2012Jun 2023
My favourite flowers Poem

My favourite flowersMy favourite flowers...

LADYCOUNTESSA2371Apr 2023May 2023
Jungle tales Poem

Jungle talesJust felt like writing some prose, not really a poem...

Oceanzest1934May 2023May 2023

A DoveWatching the garden outside, eating ice-cream and wondering why I am back. But kind of happy to be back....

ladyjewel2151May 2023May 2023
Firefly Poem

FireflyI love those brief early summer nights when fireflies so delight my childlike curiosity....

Yankee4you2122May 2023May 2023
Winter thoughts Poem

Winter thoughtsJust pondering winter...

Oceanzest2126May 2023May 2023
frost Poem

frostburied my toes in snow earth so brown below brown frozen holding down snow all over earth like crown I was freezing pretty pain from one snow f...

FoxyFairy4415May 2023May 2023

INNER PEACE LONGED.A few years ago I woke surrounded by a harbour, not living at the side. I had 4 Great Danes and 2 New Foundlands, and sat on comfy couch amongst my...

niah93057Mar 2023May 2023
Springtime Coronation Poem

Springtime CoronationThis poem seems fitting for the occasion....

Yankee4you2434May 2023May 2023

Birds chirping about?beautiful day in spring, sitting in the forest...

8Dreams2351May 2023May 2023
Rainy Night Poem

Rainy NightThe rain falls gently on the rooftops, A soft patter that never stops, In the darkness of the night, The raindrops shimmer in the light. The wor...

AmandaHude2722Apr 2023Apr 2023
Adonis to rise Poem

Adonis to risea little ramble on ancient rituals...

Oceanzest2182Apr 2023Apr 2023
surprizeme2370Apr 2023
Spring Poem

SpringSpring for some, over here its cooling into Autumn/Fall...

Oceanzest2563Mar 2023Mar 2023

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2024. All rights reserved.

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