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Nature Poems (2,112)

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OvarianA montage of random lines, hope you like the effect even if the meaning is questionable!...

Oceanzest15021 hrs ago

Haikustumbling rocks on the snow a goat's step a running drop from leaf to leaf the valley mist the spotted lake shimmers its waters a rainbow...

southmiami4321632Jan 18Jan 23

Raucous screeches late in the eveningas it happened 9pm in the nearby gum trees....

FargoFan681Jan 8Jan 9

The kookaburra's morning callit speaks for itself - Early summer morning and yet I am awake...

FargoFan591Jan 2Jan 2

When last I saw the twelve Apostlesalmost but not quite forty then I could cross that land bridge on foot, but now not since it is no more. now in older suburban sydney thoughts of...

FargoFan640Dec 9
Embracing Autumn Poem

Embracing AutumnI wrote this a long time ago as Fall/Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. With all the colors of the trees and the leaves falling on the ground to sa...

KaraH19711703Nov 8Dec 6
socrates4429716Mar 2022Nov 16

Royal BallAll the autumn trees decked out in their royal robes of color...

godsprincess2,19142Oct 2015Oct 15

Seasons ChangeThere is this short, brilliant foliage season in the northern forests of the Appalachian Highlands and so breathtakingly spectacular going on here at...

Yankee4you1685Oct 12Oct 12
real or unreal Poem

real or unrealits about reality and illusion i wrote it because it seemed important too convey and maybe others have felt this...

FRUITCAKE281522Oct 7Oct 8

Jacaranda trees at nightThe purple petals darken in the gloaming;- In their flowered elegance, belles' dresses, Fall in a slowly darkling Summer night;- To the fecund loam...

lovecanbereal2165Sep 17Sep 22
MissIreland4964Jul 2020Sep 13
Looking back Poem

Looking backIts about Young to old...

Shoelace114-Sep 4
Mother Earth Poem

Mother EarthThe planet is dying! And man is to blame! There must be balance. Progress without thought for the planet and all creatures, or the air we breathe will...

Joseph11121664Aug 30Sep 3

Winter is done...winter lingers on, in the air and in the heart....

FargoFan1770Sep 3
Four New States Poem

Four New StatesThe states left on my bucket list are Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, South Carolina, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Connec...

mcradloff1232Aug 6Sep 2

Fall MagicBeautiful fall days this year...

godsprincess1,26534Oct 2016Sep 1
Sylvan Landscape Monorhyme Poem

Sylvan Landscape---MonorhymeThe sylvan landscape stretched for miles reached across golden fields by stiles. Leaves carpeted the ground like tiles whilst branches lay in gathe...

shadow19507923May 2016Aug 31
Gathering Clouds in Moonlight haiku Poem

Gathering Clouds in Moonlight (haiku)Grey mountain of sky Eating valiant silver ships Wild drunk on moon blood...

elo692662Aug 19Aug 29
Mountain haiku Poem

Mountain (haiku)Like a fish bone knife Patiently gutting stray clouds For silver lining....

elo692053Aug 18Aug 29
PLACES TO BE St Basils Cathedral Russia Poem

PLACES TO BE - St. Basil's Cathedral, RussiaSt. Basil's cathedral is a magnificent architectural piece!...

JoyCrest158-Aug 22
PLACES TO BE Amsterdam Poem

PLACES TO BE - AmsterdamAmsterdam is fascinating!...

JoyCrest135-Aug 21
PLACES TO BE Easter Island Poem

PLACES TO BE - Easter IslandA most isolated place on earth with intriguing giant stone statues.....

JoyCrest124-Aug 21

When walkingjust a stroll today in the intermittent sun. Spring is nigh....

FargoFan1522Aug 13Aug 19

My Quiet Summer DreamThe mind needs to rest and to fill itself with inner tranquility with peacefulness from time to time....

Yankee4you1381Aug 12Aug 13

Here seldom seenSnakes and earthquakes brought out the bird calls and warning....

FargoFan1544Aug 4Aug 8
d4nI31419411Aug 3Aug 8

The universe doth spinpretty random but good to get a poem going on a cool day here...

Oceanzest1567Jun 27Jul 22
FargoFan2094Jul 8Jul 22

Nature's Songas I skim the treetops gazing all around birds on nearby branches joyfully sing their song looking upwards on high never ceases to astound whi...

socrates4421710Jun 15Jul 22

Weeding In The GardenThe lovely task of pulling weeds and just enjoying solitude. Nobody will bother you or try and take your job away. It is blessedly peaceful and mindfu...

Yankee4you2107Jun 29Jul 1
Petrichor Poem

PetrichorMan it rained hard a couple days ago... After a bit of a dry spell Love that after smell......

madtat291727Jun 22Jun 28
Elegy to an Irish Springtime Poem

Elegy to an Irish Springtime.Banshees and Faeries are huge figures in Irish folklore. The Banshee is associated with heralding a person's passing to the spirit world....

Mizzy428821Jun 4Jun 23

Full moon? East Australian night sky when walking home (2)Just Australia's night sky, a constant, warm cool or cold....

FargoFan910Jun 16

Mercury dipCurrently reading the story of Magellan, really interesting tale of daring and intrigue...

Oceanzest1426Jun 12Jun 13
moving stars Poem

moving starsStars. but not so fast....

MX430951Jun 9Jun 10

First day of winterAntarctic cold blast, a fierce front, greeted the first day of winter; snowing in the tablelands, and down the coast. In Harbin in mid-winter I felt...

FargoFan1483Jun 1Jun 1

Blessed SleepPeace .....when the candles go out…….and sleep…....

Yankee4you1936May 2022May 2022

My Busy LadderA fresh spring 'sonnet' about a brave little robin building her nest on my hanging ladder and taking away some of my busy chores; while I just sit bac...

Yankee4you1717May 2022May 2022
A Sonnet to April Poem

A Sonnet to April...I love April for all the freshness it brings to Natue....

Mizzy428825Apr 2022May 2022

SheJust kinky me, I love the neck the shoulders, dark or white no difference....

FargoFan2243May 2022May 2022
No way back Poem

No way back?Flowers and trees, birds and bees these I know, but..... snow, on a summers day, this I don't know, what I see, is an anomaly, mother nature running...

optimisticme1250Apr 2022

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