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Childhood Poems (375)

Here is a list of Childhood Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Rivers of Life Poem

Rivers of Life.On Face Book I saw a photo of a huge ship travelling along the Thames.....everything changes...or does it....

niah973810Jun 15Jun 29

NOBBYThis is a true account of my brother's homicide in 1990 I have performed this poem for performance poetry In Donegal, Tyrone and Fermanagh and it h...

LADYCOUNTESS47311Nov 2017May 20
Confession Poem

ConfessionWhen you fall too deep, It's too painful if he don't catch you....

cheesecake891224May 7May 9
The Tree Poem

The TreeKeeps happening This thing called change...

Tinaw33872Jan 29Jan 29
Bittersweet Poem

BittersweetA few thoughts....Happy Thanksgiving....

candykid1963Nov 2019Nov 2019
Mom didnt die today Poem

Mom didn't die todayThis was a day in my life when I was about 10 years old....

ooby_dooby4324Mar 2017Sep 2019
Wishing and Hoping Poem

Wishing and HopingWhen we are born, we don't have a choice. Our parents will love us, we listen to the voice. As we grow older, we then start to wish, toys,nice f...

theoneuwant581082Aug 2019Aug 2019
90s Songs Poem

90's SongsI do karaoke every Thursday night unless there is a Packers game, Thanksgiving, or bad weather. The DJ said he was having a 90's costume party with 1...

mcradloff1664Aug 2019Aug 2019
CHILDREN Poem week helping in a school holiday project.... a puppet show taught with a Kiwi theme........

niah91420Jul 2019

DEAR DIARYI remembered my first diary and how I felt keeping this precious book....

AnnyBee12024Jul 2019Jul 2019

CHILDHOOD MEMORIESGlad to share it.........

Shynee2021Jul 2019Jul 2019
Daredevil Poem

DaredevilSong...I remember doing a lot of crazy things growing up that I now wouldn't even consider doing......

madtat292163Jun 2019Jul 2019
Big thoughts in small shoes Poem

Big thoughts in small shoes.How negative things have long life....

Gligeen1270May 2019
From Parent to Child Poem

From Parent to ChildBased on an extract from Author: Medard Laz (from the book "Love Adds a Little Chocolate"). * My Mom typed out the above poem for me when I was a tee...

Skye51704Mar 2019Mar 2019

Springtime In The MountainsTrying to create a little springtime mood in this one…….....

Yankee4you2512Feb 2019Feb 2019
The Child Poem

The ChildIt was the first time i had seen through the eyes of a child....

Jocky584226Jan 2018Feb 2019

Eyes of a Country GirlThere is much to be said about life growing up and living on a small farm in a small town....

Yankee4you6827Nov 2011Feb 2019
dirty jokes and sister Poem

dirty jokes, and sistersomething always not right....

methuzelah7940Jan 2019

A Child's ChristmasMerry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all CS folks! Please remember the Children!...

socrates441,03122Dec 2014Dec 2018
under clouds Poem

under cloudsI wanted to be a cloud, many generations ago....

methuzelah1780Dec 2018

Dungaree BluesFeeling a little nostalgic for the 1960's..........

Yankee4you2778Dec 2018Dec 2018

June 2018Not so good at punctuation just saying how if we are open in our hearts like a flower opens to the sun it's like our mind can enter that portal back i...

NOSTRUS2853Jun 2018Dec 2018
I Wish to be child Poem

I Wish to be childWish to be fitter ... 10-year-old butter I'm just a magnet! I have a little butter in the thought ... I want to go out on the storm night ... Tho...

Sacred_Angel2091Dec 2018Dec 2018
An artificail beautiful lady every man wants Poem

An artificail beautiful lady every man wantsAncient Fairytale and belief...

Perman7521Sep 2018Sep 2018

YET INSPIREDFrank Zappa once said, "It's a drag being rejected." True. But to me, interpreting our world differently than most is evidence that we're on a more en...

BobbyC13482635Aug 2018Sep 2018
Oh How I Loved Her Hillbilly Musing Poem

Oh How I Loved Her; Hillbilly MusingGreat memories from my youth in Almost Heaven, West Virginia. My Sweet Hillbilly Girl, the Lord took her, way too soon. The reference to "Mini Thin"...

BobbyC13482783Jul 2018Aug 2018

Brown eyesMirror mirror What do I see Who is that sad girl looking at me As I look at her I cry Something inside me has died Those sad little brown eyes...

Abby19634066Jun 2018Jul 2018

Daniel'sPoemFor Daniel "Why do you stripes in you forehead, Mommy? Are you old?" Not old But not so young that I cannot see the world contracting...

snowcoveredmuse22621Jul 2018Jul 2018
Fat Albert Poem

Fat AlbertI was watching Fat Albert on Netflix, a show featuring Bill Cosby, who was a good guy in the public eye back then, Hey Hey Hey!...

mcradloff2410Jun 2018
Garage Sales and Gossip Poem

Garage Sales and GossipThis information about my family wasn't pleasant to hear, woke me up this morning along with the daily dread of going to a bad job. At least the frie...

mcradloff2962May 2018May 2018
Believe Poem

BelieveJust feeling life as a course...

Unknown2702May 2018May 2018
Flowers Poem

FlowersI never quite knew why my father took me hiking, Unlike other dads who simply took a belt to their rebellious son. My punishment to toil in the soil...

gerryonbroadway2861May 2018May 2018
Ode To Noah Poem

Ode To NoahMy first poem. I was 13yrs old. I hadn't had a Christian experience yet, but our Mother taught us Bible stories. One night she told the story of Noah...

BobbyC13483611May 2018May 2018
Playtime Poem

PlaytimeHaving been raised in foster care, I thought writing about it might bring a new perspective. As with most of my poetry, what it did was bring some pe...

gerryonbroadway2560Apr 2018
Saturday Club Poem

Saturday ClubA glance back at more innocent times and the child still within....

paddyd652883Mar 2018Mar 2018
Lil Christmas tree Poem

Lil' Christmas treeLil christmas tree with lights so bright, shine your star for me tonight Let mommy and daddy not fight so much Let them hug and kiss with a gent...

cafetwo20105329Nov 2012Dec 2017

RADIOI spent many hours as a boy listening to shortwave radio; this poem recalls those times, when the whole world was there for the listening, until the i...

Ronnie7793331Nov 2017Dec 2017

XXXXRATEDEver been to this point?...

kle76am3,05923Jun 2013Nov 2017
this has no title Poem

"this has no title"This I coined when all of my Best friends were stoned on "The rock", When I was about 15...And upon the rock there was a small stream that cut out a c...

SilentHawk19762272Oct 2017Oct 2017
life Poem

lifesorry not great but my first ever effort lot of truth in there...

Unknown1,04518Mar 2015Oct 2017

Gramma's Chair (an Easter Poem)A little nostalgia in memory and and respect of my long departed Grandmother who taught me many things at a very early age about life. Happy Easter Gr...

Yankee4you1,06813Apr 2015Sep 2017

Carry Me HomeCarry me home Like a leaf in a breeze on an autumn morn Like the sound of laughter from our youth The familiar smell of rhubarb pie On a cold and...

MysteriousGirl803191Sep 2017Sep 2017

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2020. All rights reserved.

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