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Sadness Poems (1,723)

Here is a list of Sadness Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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That Old Home Time Feeling Is GoneI find myself sitting all alone And that old home time feeling is gone There's an echo of yesterday with no way to reply And time is quickly passin...

EyeLook4U1123Jun 29Aug 5

I Don't Know If I have A FriendI traveled all the way to town just to find alone It was a sad experience but I should have known Lonely is everywhere I go it's everywhere I've bee...

EyeLook4U450Aug 2

WhereWhere shall I go How will I know Where is the place I'm alive Where do I roam Where is my home When will I arrive Where are my friends Whe...

EyeLook4U741Jul 28Jul 29

Where People Are Lost And Never FoundIt was a long way to nowhere As I traveled on the trail of years It wasn't much of a road map That got me here And now my conversations are the...

EyeLook4U731Jul 24Jul 26
Fantasy Poem

FantasyJust current mood........

salamuna2418Apr 21Jul 22

Abby AbbyEmotionally drained...

Abby196338314Jan 10Jul 19

SUICIDEI LOVE Robin Williams which inspired this write. Tweaked 1/23/18...

lookn2share1,4045Feb 2015Jun 27
Listen Poem

ListenBe with me through my tears Stay close to me when I fear That nothing good can ever happen. Wipe away my pain When noone else can think Or imagi...

Rebenasia1673Oct 2019Jun 2

Just a bit of silliness, reallyI was feeling suicidal a few hours ago, and these lyrics just popped in my head. It made me smile, so I jotted them down...

SEEKINGinger5348Oct 2018May 28
Non Stop Raindrops Poem

Non-Stop RaindropsSeasons of anguish in rhythmic rotation... Meticulously taking their time... Summers of sadness... Winters of madness... Thoroughly mine... Lik...

candykid1,369-Mar 2014May 27
not a poem wolves are among us Poem

not a poem, wolves are among usJust tired watching people hurt each other, how can any one person take Advantage of someone who is just trying to help them out, saddens my heart....

sindellyse4356Jul 2011Apr 16
Miss Im Impossible Poem

Miss I'm ImpossibleJust thought fluttering around in my head....

kle76am1698Apr 7Apr 9
Syrup Syndrome Poem

Syrup SyndromeCeremonial serums reconstruct sickness, Syrups deconstruct what is stuck... Powerful potions relieve with a quickness, Liquids laced with bad luck....

candykid99623Mar 2014Mar 21

His Poems Of LoveDon't you think it's unfair he is all alone After reading all his poems of love There should be a girl somewhere in this world Who would want him a...

EyeLook4U1160Mar 6

SADNESS IN POETRYHappy/Sad. It's all in a word....

BobbyC13486502Sep 2018Feb 17
Song Poem

SongLife is a short moment Life is a colorful bird. We live in one world Why is brother fighting brother. Why are wars going on? Why is this so bad?...

makatka1765Feb 15Feb 17
Loneliness Crowds All Places Poem

Loneliness Crowds All PlacesThis Poem came to me while walking through the French Quarter of New Orleans. You can actually see loneliness in the faces of People. So very Hi to th...

RockinPoet1243Dec 30Feb 16

WARM THOUGHTSOutside the box, inside the box. Life is a big open drama and actors often think their audience only see how little they want to show....

orientalkoru1455Feb 3Feb 8

PoorTraveling on a poor road in a poor place People round here look in the mirror At their poor face Poor empty buildings got nothing to sale Poor s...

EyeLook4U1080Feb 1

Lucky FellaMountain top raindrops falling down Determined to be alive I go driving around Rain messes with my view Perhaps the rain is lonely too No that...

EyeLook4U950Feb 1
all alone Poem

all aloneliterally just wrote this off the top of my head. but is expresses how I feel right now. alone. lonely and my strong desire for real female companions...

liter4hrs1360Jan 31
Amber Sunrise Poem

Amber SunriseUnder an amber sunrise The world becomes empty And sadness envelopes my mind Beauty is arms length But just beyond my grasp Brown worlds in a cry...

Danielguy19651195Dec 26Jan 6

The Town Of All AloneThis part of Kentucky is dying Most of the people who were here are dead and gone In this part of Kentucky no one is crying There's no one left to...

EyeLook4U1040Jan 6
My raft Poem

My raftIt was written a couple of months ago , but it s still actual for now...

salamuna53515Apr 2018Jan 6

I come to you in my dreams.Missing my granddaughter...

lilygold7619310Dec 2019Dec 12
Weeping Angel Poem

Weeping AngelI was thinking I'm painting an angel on my shoulder will save me lulling will comfort me when I cry. I waited for signs of better moments happy...

makatka1360Dec 8

Walking the lonely pathJust thoughts when lonely...

lilygold762798Sep 2019Dec 2019
Tunnel Poem

TunnelThe tunnel in front of me opens the mouth of darkness attracts like a magnet. I sink into the abyss with a lunatic step and let myself sway to sl...

makatka1503Dec 2019Dec 2019
I saw Poem

I sawI saw suffering today. It was closed, quiet, curled up into a small ball, dressed in thin robes. I saw suffering today. His big eyes looked at m...

makatka1644Dec 2019Dec 2019
Silence Poem

SilenceWhy I can not tell you how I feel why stand in front of you I lack my words maybe I'm scared that you won't understand me and your words "It's n...

makatka1491Nov 2019Nov 2019
A dream in black colors Poem

A dream in black colorsDream medicine for the soul oblivion. Dream colorful fairy tale, with a happy ending. Dream cyclical phase REM. Dream desire and realism et...

makatka1130Nov 2019
Dutch November Poem

Dutch NovemberJust a day from a long endless Dutch autumn...

salamuna24412Nov 2019Nov 2019

AsylumMental illnesses are the most difficult conditions of being. In my opinion that is the hardest curse that can happen to a person. This poem is one s...

AutumnChild42012Jul 2019Oct 2019
Unhear You Poem

Unhear YouI can't unhear the words you say to me You can't take those words back What is said, is said and words do hurt You can say sorry, sorry can only go...

RadiantFirefly1492Oct 2019Oct 2019
The Definition Of Insanity 06 18 19 Poem

The Definition Of Insanity - 06/18/19I am the definition of insanity My Love for you keeps throwing me into the flames yet I keep running back into your arms, hoping something has change...

RadiantFirefly1332Oct 2019Oct 2019
My Heart Cries Poem

My Heart CriesToday, my heart cries, I sent my not-so-little Brother off to work in Nashville, in which he is now going to stay, as I have wrecked my car and the Je...

RadiantFirefly1240Oct 2019
Me and My Pain Poem

Me and My PainFrom the series I named: Me and My Pain - a translation from our Georgian poetess. Oh, please, don't fall a prey to too much sadness contained. Cheer...

marikia7438Dec 2016Oct 2019
The Sojourner Poem

The Sojourner.This poem is entirely about tons of sad life experiences. You can inbox me If there is really something you want to know about it personally...

Unknown2203Oct 2019Oct 2019

.......Who am I??.....Just asking myself at 2am...

Shynee2783Sep 2019Oct 2019
The stand up Poem

The stand upThe worst stand up ever....

Sweetnlovely736110Oct 2019

Until We Meet AgainIn Memory of my Precious daughter who left me 23yrs ago,this day.Time passes but memories never will....

lilygold7625911Sep 2019Sep 2019

The Hurtin' Side Of FateOur souls never got connected Although we were soul mates Sometimes life gets redirected And leaves you on the hurtin' side of fate But the sun...

EyeLook4U1290Sep 2019

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