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Sadness Poems (1,688)

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Within the river of dreams Poem

Within the river of dreamsWithin the river of dreams see how they flow gently in silver streams The flow of life ever changing Circumstances rearranging Though at...

Ninurta1170May 4

Games of ChanceVice becomes the misery of a life lacking the highest vibration ….LOVE! Write on the "casinos" to drown out reality!!...

Jaded_Raven2335Apr 16Apr 29

I saw peopleThe conditions we are in now...

12qw34er56ty1750Apr 22
There comes a Time A Re post Poem

There comes a Time. ( A Re-post)I was so depressed today,thinking of my daughter,I went back to this poem I had posted in 2014.I wanted to relive my feelings through this poem to mak...

lilygold761502Apr 18Apr 18
Ill Fly Away Poem

I'll Fly AwaySo weary to go on....

lilygold7660613Dec 2022Apr 17
I come to you in my dreams Poem

I come to you in my dreams.Missing my granddaughter...

lilygold7655311Dec 2019Apr 12
Hearts Throb Poem

Hearts ThrobSuffering of someone....

lilygold765498Sep 2020Apr 10
Crying Poem

CryingHush little baby don't you mom used to sing and I always wondered why shouldn't I cry when I feel I need to? Kids cry when they fall and ne...

Pentdragon1281Apr 7Apr 10
I am waiting for you to fail Poem

I am waiting for you to failI guess it's knowing what you are doing and why that's a good thing. I still hope unrealistically that someone would pass my test and be strong enoug...

ladyjewel1581Mar 18Mar 30

I'm not trying to cross any lineThis is my first try on writing a poem in english so do not be to harsh on me :)...

yonik19884179Feb 11Feb 25

Overcoming Depressiondedicated to those who are dealing with depression...

socrates441,68031Mar 2016Feb 8
No space anymore Poem

No space anymoreI ve just met a lot of bad people for the last month... but also a few of the good ones.....anyway it s a kind of overflowing for my hart...

salamuna1,07222Nov 7Feb 8
Music of rain Poem

Music of rainrainy days again .... makes me moody..i try to find some beauty in this grey days...

salamuna59512Jan 14Jan 20
No Place For Long Writings Poem

No Place For Long WritingsI cant post what I want, It's Too many words for this semantic play Having to cut it all short and not speak what I desired to say Not a place on th...

Zoharstrius2160Nov 25
Never Forgotten My Precious Angel Jessica Poem

Never Forgotten ( My Precious Angel Jessica )Tribute to my daughter on her birthday. they say time heals but no for me....

lilygold7649714Jan 2023Nov 17
Settiembre Poem

SettiembreLife is just a race, enjoy it...

Ildebrando2502Nov 14Nov 15
I am garbage Poem

I am garbageFalling down into a ..... hole of depression. I am sinking further down without no helping han...

Adjhe14036Sep 23Nov 13
God left us Poem

God left usjust very disappointed in people and our reality...

salamuna4456Nov 9Nov 10

PainLife here on planet Earth....

Jaded_Raven2420Sep 25
Talk to me Poem

Talk to mesometimes silence just destroys me ......

salamuna62711Apr 2023Sep 2023

TearsJust part of life that I need to express....

Jaded_Raven2171Sep 2023Sep 2023

911 - 22 Years LaterTwenty two years ago on September 11th 3,000 shining new stars dotted the Heavens Did these 3,000 souls die in vain Did their families hopelessly s...

godsprincess3074Sep 2023Sep 2023
I Didnt Know Poem

I Didn't KnowI don't have a big spacious home I don't have a brand new car I don't live upon a hill with a view that looks so serene I didn't know how to get suc...

EyeLook4U2052Sep 2023Sep 2023
When The Years Are Upon You Poem

When The Years Are Upon YouWhen the years are upon you And your friends are all gone Then you know the meaning of being alone When the years are upon you And you go throug...

EyeLook4U3202Sep 2023Sep 2023
More and less Poem

More and lessJust some thoughts ......

salamuna74718Jul 2023Sep 2023
Pain Poem

PainI’m so tired...

Abby19635529Jul 2022Aug 2023
lost Poem

losti wrot this one when was at class i was feeling down being a writer is something very helpful if you are sad...

habib021983Jul 2023Aug 2023
Ellis Song Poem

Elli's SongA wife who loses her husband is called a widow, a husband who loses his wife is called a widower, a child who loses his parents is called an orphan....

Meg4nanda1701Jul 2023Jul 2023
Dreaming in Silence Poem

Dreaming in SilenceI had a dream, a beautiful melody But now it's gone, just a distant memory It filled my soul, gave me wings to fly But now the silence, just echoes...

ManicCC1621Jul 2023Jul 2023
Dark Poem

DarkHow Dept. Of corrections treats its inmates...

Spirit99992131Jul 2023Jul 2023
Not Hung Upon Anything Poem

Not Hung Upon AnythingWhen we were young we were not hung upon anything We could be young and discover The goodness of life as a song to sing And then one day the wor...

EyeLook4U2362Jun 2023Jun 2023
Fearless Poem

FearlessI wrote this 6-22-2023. I suppose in this write that you've done about everything (and gone everywhere), and now what? I'd say improvise, adapt, overc...

DiggableHippy493322Jun 2023Jun 2023
Might As Well Be Poem

Might As Well BeI might as well be a lonely man I might as well be sad and blue I might as well be a lonely man Cause lonely is all I do I might as well be a fo...

EyeLook4U2622Feb 2023Feb 2023
The night the bard of Stratford died Poem

The night the bard of Stratford diedtoying with a rhyme scheme...

Oceanzest2802Jan 2023Jan 2023
forsaken Poem

forsakenhappy christmas everyone......

hedistuff1,2209Dec 2014Dec 2022
Halfway To Somewhere Poem

Halfway To SomewhereHe had half a mind he could only write half a song He tried and tried half would be right half would be wrong He was always halfway to somewhere the...

EyeLook4U2650Oct 2022
Hate your God Poem

Hate your GodIts a murky evening here,everything is in ashes The birds are silent,the water is dumb The soil is barren,the crops are cropsless. The sky is dar...

Unknown4503Jun 2010Oct 2022
My Adhd Poem

My AdhdPardon me for staring and pardon me for caring But my adhd falls in love so easily I hope you understand Pardon me for dreaming and pardon me for...

EyeLook4U2261Aug 2022Aug 2022

SadnessTrying to define, a philosophical stance of eliminating sorrow. But somehow end up in a Theistic view....

angel999994336Apr 2021Aug 2022
Im Lonely Today Poem

I'm Lonely TodayI'm lonely today And I'm thinking to my self Cause I have to Cause there's no one to talk to And I could almost cry How the years have gone by...

EyeLook4U2721Aug 2022Aug 2022
Spirits Beckon Poem

Spirits BeckonI wrote this 6-1-1998. A slow "dead" drumbeat with bass and easy guitar sound playing, except the solo part(s) I added to this song. But, no matter ho...

DiggableHippy493900Aug 2022
Fade to blue and grey Poem

Fade to blue and greyslice of life...

Oceanzest3838Jun 2022Aug 2022

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