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Sadness Poems (1,759)

Here is a list of Sadness Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Break FreeHeart aching for the freedom we are losing everyday in the world...

BlissfulRaven944Nov 23Nov 28
To Pass The Time Poem

To Pass The TimeEveryone wants an artist a picture of beauty A painting that touches their soul But I'm not so good that's what I've been told But I don't paint...

EyeLook4U692Nov 18Nov 19

HellThis one I wrote was 10-20-2019. There is meaning for this song; but, meaningless now. All and all, this can be viewed at different aspects. Past, pre...

DiggableHippy49882Nov 13Nov 14
Alive or just breathing Poem

Alive or just breathing?It was an irony but in real I have a lot of questions for those who believe they are not vulnerable.........

salamuna1766Oct 22Oct 23
Juicy blues Poem

Juicy bluesIt's about a suitor I was dating ^_^ He binges on blueberries, when the Yankees play a sh*tty game...

SEEKINGinger1142Aug 9Aug 14
A World Thats Gone Away Poem

A World That's Gone AwayI'm alone All alone In a world that's gone away The scenes have changed The names have changed What was two is a four lane No more hello's n...

EyeLook4U1022Aug 9Aug 9
Did You Notice Poem

Did You NoticeTake the mask off of faith and you'll see money Take the mask off love you'll see a friend No one wants to be serious just funny But there's nothin...

EyeLook4U811Jul 29Jul 30
If I Had A Home Poem

If I Had A HomeI've got a house but Lord if I had a home I've got a car and Lord if I had a passenger I wouldn't drive alone And every day the early morning sun...

EyeLook4U1161Jul 29Jul 29

Strut stetch and stride1969 that momentous day...

FargoFan942Jul 26Jul 27
Couldnt Esape The Past Couldnt Ride The Future Poem

Couldn't Esape The Past Couldn't Ride The FutureCouldn't escape the past Couldn't ride the future and no such thing as a hitchhiker Without traction you will never know satisfaction Who writes a...

EyeLook4U1013Jul 27Jul 27
life Poem

lifeis life...

john_keats2021840Jul 27
Tarot Ask the Cards Poem

Tarot - Ask the CardsI wrote this whilst listening to the music score of Season 8 (Game of Thrones); daydreaming of meeting the next incarnation of Carl Gustav Jung...

SEEKINGinger800Jul 15

weatherjust winter...

FargoFan851Jul 14Jul 15
Beneath the Linden Tree Poem

Beneath the Linden TreeLinden scent reminds me on childish innocence. On something fresh and unspoiled. On everything that I was. A long time ago. There where my prese...

AutumnChild1994Jun 28Jul 1

LJUBAVPoem is allegorical depiction that envokes love to ease the pain, to soothe the suffer, to wash away all negativities that stay inscribed at the botto...

AutumnChild1758Jun 22Jun 24
Ive No More Time To Bend My Mind Poem

I've No More Time To Bend My MindI've no more time to bend my mind The illusion of love must fade away While I can still think I've got to say As I stop being a fool I wave my h...

EyeLook4U1230May 23

Until We Meet AgainIn Memory of my Precious daughter who left me 23yrs ago,this day.Time passes but memories never will....

lilygold7642215Sep 2019May 19
Not Poem

NotIt is not this body that you see that is me it is I who lives within can you see that is me...

Unknown2711Sep 2017May 18
The Poet Weeps Poem

The Poet Weepsa poem I wrote years ago...

chattcatt6163273Mar 2018May 16

CALLING ALL POETS!Please add a line. Let it take the poem forwards. Allow it to be as open as possible for the next line that follows. You can add more than one line, b...

Gligeen2469May 10May 13
I saw Poem

I sawI saw suffering today. It was closed, quiet, curled up into a small ball, dressed in thin robes. I saw suffering today. His big eyes looked at m...

makatka2655Dec 2019May 9
A Town Of Somewhere Poem

A Town Of SomewhereNothing for me to see Nothing for me to do That place had a name And now I'm forgetting it too Friends have all disappeared Into thin air If...

EyeLook4U640May 3
I Dont Know Where I Am Poem

I Don't Know Where I AmThe river is winding round round The river is winding round round The world is spinning round round And I don't know where I am The river is loo...

EyeLook4U1251Apr 25Apr 25
Sadness Poem

SadnessTrying to define, a philosophical stance of eliminating sorrow. But somehow end up in a Theistic view....

angel999991170Apr 24
I wish you were near Poem

I wish you were nearI wish you were near You were hear In this dark blue night After the wind is blown Bringing the soothing rain Where the air is cool and cam W...

bollywood790Apr 18
the end Poem

the endFeeling it loom Impending doom Holding Not knowing Controlling By molding The shaming, maiming the blaming Life shadow is waning...

jaysone12176Apr 7Apr 15

FancyIt´s pleasant to spend time sleeping out, waking up, don`t have to jump up in a hurry, cozy breakfast, enough time doing things for yourself, every...

8Dreams118-Mar 7
The Rose that Died Poem

The Rose that DiedOcean waves covered her up as she sank inside. Her wings withered as she died. She could no longer feel nor breathe. The universe urged her soul t...

sunlitheart6229Jan 2018Jan 26

Empty pagesClose the shades, whistle a happy tune.....

Oceanzest1655Jan 19Jan 24
Saying Goodbye Saying Hello Poem

Saying Goodbye Saying Hellonot a poem a short story saying goodbye brought a tear to your eye saying hello put a smile on your face 1960's era aunts uncle's cousins family f...

EyeLook4U1020Dec 2020
Emptiness Poem

Emptinesssome of the dark images......a kind of my own black tetragon)...

salamuna45319Sep 2020Dec 2020
Numb Poem

NumbNumb, that’s how I feel Some say ,what’s the big deal I can’t feel I can’t smile I can’t laugh Numb ,that’s how I feel Pleasure no longer...

Abby19633225Sep 2020Dec 2020
This Side Of Nowhere Poem

This Side Of NowhereIn a little town this side of nowhere And across the county line there still aint no hope For happiness with someone to marry And I didn't even mai...

EyeLook4U1551Sep 2020Dec 2020
The wish Poem

The wishThe feeling Familiar Our life Part of us This can’t be Break free A man I am, inner me Ultimately foresee In him I seek closure...

jaysone11542Nov 2020Nov 2020
Before There Was Stress Poem

Before There Was StressBefore there was stress there was being young Before there was stress there was being alive Before there was stress I was me Now I'm just someone t...

EyeLook4U1312Nov 2020Nov 2020
one of mine Poem

one of mineWe were meant for biking miles in the fog, for laughing our aching ribs. Summer is only a word. But an orange word. Red sun spilling into the sky. bur...

Unknown1462Oct 2020Oct 2020
Survive Poem

SurviveI constantly help the wrong people .. just have to go through it........

salamuna2855Oct 2020Oct 2020
from the outside Poem

from the outsideI’m at the gate Waiting, bright is the house On the boundary I lean Seeing the happy, smiling people at home Does anyone notice, I’m calling...

jaysone12484Sep 2020Oct 2020
Ever Since She Went Away Poem

Ever Since She Went AwayShe's talking to people about me There's not much anyone can say Perhaps she will find I've been sad for a long time Ever since she went away No...

EyeLook4U1340Oct 2020
Im Known To No One Poem

I'm Known To No OneWherever I go I'm known to no one And what could I say I'm known to no one Am I a drifter a stranger Or maybe a ghost I'm known to no one Not...

EyeLook4U1170Sep 2020

Hearts ThrobSuffering of someone....

lilygold761682Sep 2020Sep 2020
I Say No To Wanda Poem

I Say No To WandaI say no Wanda no to Wanda I'm not missing you I say no wonder no wonder There were mixed feelings of sad mad and blue I say no Wanda I'm not...

EyeLook4U1280Sep 2020

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