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Work Poems (228)

Here is a list of Work Poems. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Stress out at work Poem

Stress out at worksince January till now...having bad vibes and being stressed out coz the some of my working guys think I'm trying to show them I'm better than them??...

morgen9021099913Mar 2015Sep 11
A Field Workers Soil Poem

A Field Worker's SoilMost people (ignorant, so to speak) immediately assume that all hispanic immigrants are good for nothings, that they belong in the rice fields. Little...

Unknown6053Jun 2009Jul 29
Quick Ways to Make Money Poem

Quick Ways to Make MoneyJust bumming once again about work and the possible jobs out there, if I got really desperate, so far I'm just gonna suck it up!...

mcradloff3943Jun 2018Jun 9
The Irrelevance of War Poem

The Irrelevance of WarThis is a line I came across by an unknown source. The writer did not give his name. Anonymous....

DK10011287Jun 2Jun 2
Candy Cruiser Poem

Candy Cruiserhaving fun writing some rap lyrics...

Oceanzest1191May 3May 4
Coworkers Poem

CoworkersJust ragging about my job, but it could be any of the jobs I have had. Social interaction has always been a real crapper for me. I was asked what I...

mcradloff7158May 2014Mar 8
Nine Years Poem

Nine YearsI remember mowing grass in 1988 and not knowing how much oil to add and filling it all the way up. The manager saw the smoke and kicked my off that j...

mcradloff2274Feb 12Mar 4
Feeling the Pain Poem

Feeling the PainBummed out again, at least I got to go home three hours early....

mcradloff2024Feb 27Feb 27
Slip Sliding Away Poem

Slip Sliding AwayA parody of Paul Simon's Slip Sliding Away. The winters in Wisconsin can make for some dangerous driving conditions....

mcradloff1294Feb 5Feb 6
Everybodies Pissed Poem

Everybodies Pissed!I actually like this woman, I am the only one, that's for sure!...

mcradloff1210Jan 29
Frozen Poem

FrozenI worked the day after I saw this movie, I was freaked at work all day!...

mcradloff7979Feb 2011Jan 13
instinct Poem

instinctI could've had religion but I loved God too much I could've fought for a living in boxing rings and such but I guess we are who we are and we c...

yachtsman_72095Oct 2020Oct 2020
Good Companies To Work For Poem

Good Companies To Work For?Work is what you make it they say. I blame myself for not planning my life better so the good jobs were more plentiful. I hope your work history was...

mcradloff2181Nov 2019Nov 2019
People Ive Worked With Poem

People I've Worked WithMy coworkers really suck, or maybe it's just me that just doesn't like all this human interaction crap!...

mcradloff1730Nov 2019
walrus Poem

walrusa white cloud of teeth approaches looks.. and reconsiders 02:03 at the nightclub a confrontation I work the door a struggle we trade I r...

walRU2511Sep 2019Sep 2019
How to Survive an Active Shooter in the Workplace Poem

How to Survive an Active Shooter in the WorkplaceThe work world continues to be a place of suffering for many, those who can still find work in it. The slain man was a father of two children with a...

mcradloff2112Aug 2019Aug 2019
Its Hot Hot Hot Poem

It's Hot Hot Hot!Another hot day, maybe the planet is heating up....

mcradloff2788Jul 2019Aug 2019
wrapped hands Poem

wrapped handsall I was given was strength a dull and blunted tool I stare out at beauty with the clarity of a fool all I was given was ferocity a rulebook w...

walRU2836Aug 2019Aug 2019
The Third Companion Poem

The Third CompanionThis was created 15 years ago for a personal website in order to make one-of-a-kind furniture and sculptural items for sale. There's an old saying tha...

jayoh9991711Aug 2019Aug 2019
Work List of Hired On Poem

Work List of Hired OnI made a list back in 2015 and 2017, though I couldn't find the data. I am pretty sure the totals have lost a lot from those years as the turnover ra...

mcradloff1860Jul 2019
Mandroid Poem

Mandroid.A factory full of odds and ends, assembled and arranged in lines by non-mechanical beings. Punchdrunk time cards chart their lives through typical we...

Gligeen2344May 2019May 2019
The End Poem

The EndThe Beatles is probably the best group ever and Paul McCartney being the best single musical writer and performer. The first part of this poem is the...

mcradloff2070Mar 2019
Red Light Poem

Red LightI'm sure it is just as frustrating for workers in other fields, wether it be cops or teachers, or just a McDonald's worker. We all feel the neglect o...

mcradloff2050Feb 2019
A Farmers Rule of Thumb Poem

A Farmer's Rule of ThumbFarming is a fickle business. You really must be willing to work with as well as wait for Mother Nature; and have tons of courage, cunning, and faith...

Yankee4you7105Jul 2012Jan 2019
Jobs Poem

JobsLabor Day weekend just started for me today after work. No work again till Tuesday, then it's off again next Friday and the weekend for Dairy Days he...

mcradloff2500Aug 2018
Aching Survival Poem

Aching SurvivalThe routine of daily labor of the working class....

ArtStar2960Aug 2018
Hot Poem

HotA hot day in the 90's, and a work place in the 110's, just another day in paradise!...

mcradloff2830Jun 2018
Music In A Black Case Poem

Music In A Black CaseThere was some good music in both cases, the other one didn't smell as much as it was made out of a non-leather material....

mcradloff3140Jun 2018
Employee List Updated on January 12 2018 Poem

Employee List Updated on January 12, 2018We have about 427 employees and around 50 temporary employees, so almost 500 people that work here. The temp pay when I started in 2007 was 10.50, th...

mcradloff3500Jan 2018
The Top Row Poem

The Top RowI really wished I had stuck it out with teaching, at least I got every weekend off, even if the kids drove me crazy!...

mcradloff4301Jan 2018Jan 2018
Staying Power Poem

Staying PowerIt comes from my interactions with my friends and relatives who are married.They give me a realistic picture of marriage....

Ann32love3080Nov 2017
Come on lets play Poem

Come on let's playGood bad day Su'mm fe save Su'mm av fe slay Manifesting molding vibrations like clay Flying higher goin deeper Fe break make wake dem outa sleepe...

Rikco3362Sep 2017Sep 2017
Ghoul Bus Poem

Ghoul BusJust another condition of working at a bad job, nightmares....

mcradloff3580Jul 2017
What I heard Poem

What I heardSome random things heard at my job...

mcradloff3650Jun 2017
Milk Poem

MilkI am really dreading all this crap with hard working people getting the shaft again and again and again. I've done some farm work in my past. These...

mcradloff3501Apr 2017Apr 2017
950 bucks Poem

950 bucksImagine working at a job for years and finding out that a temp is making 400 dollars a week more than you are. That is just one of the many things th...

mcradloff4291Mar 2017Mar 2017
9 Days Left To Go Poem

9 Days Left To GoIt is so darn cruel out there. All these jobs that come and go. It just seems to get crueler every year. The wages go down and prices go up and the...

mcradloff4394Mar 2017Mar 2017
Super Bowl Commercial Poem

Super Bowl CommercialCould say this is my favorite super bowl commercial. I have every one of these, except for punching small animals!...

mcradloff4630Feb 2017


WILDANDREADY9886Apr 2015Nov 2016
Hit The Road Jack Poem

Hit The Road Jack!Possible job cuts have been announced where I work some time next year. This song has been playing in my head since. The original is by Ray Charles....

mcradloff6517Aug 2016Sep 2016
Minimum Wage Poem

Minimum WageI was listening to a cd book by Glenn Beck and had to go to a different cd that didn't deal with the minimum wage debate. Are there employers out the...

mcradloff6566Aug 2016Aug 2016
Job Rap Poem

Job RapI used to work at Hardee's from 1988- 1993. I was so disgusted with the job and the low pay I didn't even give a two week notice. I just walked in a...

mcradloff7962May 2016May 2016

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